Animal Behavior Poster Sessions 12/9-12/11

The undergraduate students in Animal Behavior lab are holding three poster sessions this week to showcase their independent research projects. They'll tell you about self recognition in crayfish, anti-predator behavior of feeder birds, cricket aggression, and more! Take a break from your work to stop by and check out what they learned!

Location: Morrill II 339
Monday (Dec. 9) 1:45-3:45PM
Tuesday (Dec. 10) 1:15-3:15PM
Wednesday (Dec. 11) 1:45-3:45PM

Peg Riley Invited to Give a ""Fireside Chat" at the Precision Medicine Conference in Silicon Valley in January

Peg Riley was invited to give a "Fireside Chat" with Keith Yamamoto at the Precision Medicine Conference in Silicon Valley in January.

Keith R. Yamamoto is Vice Chancellor for Research, Executive Vice Dean of the School of Medicine, and Professor of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology at the University of California, San Francisco, UCSF.

The Precision Medicine World Conference is the largest & original annual conference dedicated to precision medicine. PMWC’s mission is to bring together recognized leaders, top global researchers and medical professionals, and innovators across healthcare and biotechnology sectors to showcase practical content that helps close the knowledge gap between different sectors, thereby catalyzing cross-functional fertilization & collaboration in an effort to accelerate the development and spread of precision medicine.

Matthew Mitchel, Griffin O'Driscoll, Thomas White, and Margaret Riley Make it to the Finals in the Bill Clinton Hult Competition

AgBioCin is a new company created by students in the Riley Laboratory with the mission of revolutionizing the prevention and treatment of infectious disease in agriculture.

In 2009 Hult International Business School MBA student Ahmad Ashkar founded a company to give his then peers around the world a platform to have sustainable, profitable impact. He later convinced Hult’s President, Dr. Stephen Hodges to begin hosting startup events on each of Hult’s five global campuses around the world with a focus on the creation of a new kind of business which was dubbed, “the impact enterprise.” One year, and one meeting with Bertil Hult later, the Hult Prize Foundation was born. Today, the Hult Prize is one of the world’s most acclaimed entrepreneurship programs operating on more than 1500 university campuses in 121 countries and has become a benchmark startup challenge for social entrepreneurship.

Gerson and Colleagues Test Effect of Humidity on Bird Physiology

Biology assistant professor Alexander Gerson and his postdoctoral research associate Derrick Groom, with others, compared the short-term effects of resting vs. long duration flight on the rate of lean body mass loss in birds.

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