Administrative Services

Biology Department office services are available at two main locations: the Department Business/Main Office (Mor3 221) or the Undergraduate Office (Mor3 216). In addition, the Operations Manager (Bill Jerome) is located in Mor2 150, the Instrumentation Engineer (George Drake) is located in Mor3 South 315, and the Chairman's Staff Assistant (Lisa Barry) is located in Mor2S 348. A directory of services is listed below by activity. For questions, advice, assistance, please inquire in the Main Office (Mor3 221), Tel. 7-2964.

Description Name Location Telephone

Audio-Visual Equipment

(located in Fax Room and Main Office)
Reservation of non-department equipment
(contact AIMS Office at 5-5765)
Sign up for video data projectors
(on web site: BCRC Reservation System, for projectors)

Computer/Network/E-mail Addresses

Fill out forms to:
Request an account in Biology or Microbiology
Connect a Computer to the Network
or call George Drake 315 5-2625

Conference/Meeting Room Reservations

Rooms 215 and 351
(on web site: BCRC Reservation System, Morrill Rooms)
Classrooms and Teaching Labs Bruce Byers 216A 5-1236


Bill payments Sally Ives 221A 5-0449
New copy codes Sally Ives 221A 5-0449
Supplies Any main office staff member 221C 5-0902
Problems, Repairs (2nd or 3rd floor) Any main office staff member 221 7-2964

Course Evaluation Materials

Faculty Lisa Barry 348 5-2602
TAs Margaret Ludlam 140 5-1672

Financial Transactions

Bill/invoice payments Janet Gralinski 221 5-2835
Purchases Sally Ives 221C 5-0902
Grant management, troubleshooting, reminders of expiration Sally Ives 221A 5-0449
Procard Records Janet Gralinski 221 7-2964


Changes to locks Sally Ives 221A 5-0449
New keys (non-faculty lab personnel must have written authorization to request key)

Any main office staff member 221 7-2964

Mail Services

Distribution of mail, procedures for sending FedEx, UPS, etc. Janet Gralinski

221 7-2964

Parking Passes

Temporary passes for visitors, $5 @ day Any main office staff

221 7-2964

Personnel Issues

Appointments and Paycheck/Payroll Questions
Non-Student Hourly Employees (03) Janet Gralinski 221 5-2835
Salaried Employees (faculty, post-doc's, professional, classified) Lisa Barry 348 5-2602
Graduate Teaching Assistantships Lisa Barry 434 5-2602
Time & Attendance Reporting Zander Crowley

221 7-2964
Student Hourly Employees Helen Rodak 216 5-1783

Poster Printing

Please read the documentation and then schedule an appointment to print your poster. Dr. Steven D. Brewer 362 5-2272

Property & Inventory

(maintains records) Sally Ives 221A 5-0449


Questions about composting, recycling and other green office issues Zander Crowley 221 7-2964

Teaching Materials and Office Supplies

Class materials and supplies
(Fill out Request Form)
Judy Zhang 309 5-0448
Office supplies (available in 221, if can't locate or if running low contact) Any main office staff member

221 7-2964

Technical assistance (equipment malfunction, projects, etc.)

(request forms located in mailroom)

Sally Ives

221A 5-0449


bills, handsets, long distance calling numbers, voice mail, problems, etc. Sally Ives

221A 5-0449


Reimbursements Zander Crowley

221 7-2964

Undergraduate Academic

Advising appointments, add/drop overrides, grade processing/recording, registration/enrollment questions, and student records

Susan Clevenger 216 5-2287


Sign up (on calendar in Sally Ives' office) 221A
Key, etc. pick up and return Any main office staff person 221 7-2964
(after hours) Sally Ives 221A 5-0449
Problems Eric Bertrand

150 5-3159, 5-4527


Submit announcements, updates, corrections and broken links

Helen Rodak, Zander Crowley or Susan Clevenger 216 5-1783