Secunia Agent

Introduction: Below are notes on the 'installation' of the Secunia CSI agent on OS X Lion. Based on Westwind Computing's write-up "OS X Hidden Files & Directories" as well as the inclusion of '/usr/local/bin' in Lion's PATH evironment variable, '/usr/local/bin' will be used to store a local copy of the Secunia CSI agent binary, 'csia'. This binary is downloaded using the CSI console.

  1. open 'Terminal' and use 'sudo -i' to operate as 'root'

  2. execute 'echo $PATH' to verify that '/usr/local/bin' is included in the PATH variable

  3. copy 'csia' to '/usr/local/bin/csia', then run 'chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/csia'

  4. execute '/usr/local/bin/csia -i -L' to install 'csia' as a service; this creates the file '/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.secunia.csia.plist'

  5. one can force an inventory to be taken immediately by running '/usr/local/bin/csia -c'; you can display the full list of options by executing '/usr/local/bin/csia -?'