Priyanjali Ghosh

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Visiting Assistant Professor

Contact Info

Office: 327, Morrill II


B.A., Mount Holyoke College 2005-2009

Ph.D., UMass Medical School: Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences 2011- 2018

Research Interests

Developmental Neurobiology

Representative Publications

Liu Q, Ghosh, P., Magpayo N, Testa M, Tang S, Gheorghiu L, et al. Lung cancer cell line screen links fanconi anemia/BRCA pathway defects to increased relative biological effectiveness of proton radiation. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2015;91:1081–9.

Ghosh, P. and Sagerström CG. Hox genes: past, present and future of master regulatory genes. Int J Dev Biol. (review article accepted)

Ghosh, P., Maurer JM, Sagerström CG. Analysis of novel caudal hindbrain genes reveals different regulatory logic for gene expression in rhombomere 4 versus 5/6 in embryonic zebrafish. Neural Dev. 2018;13:13.