Annual Undergraduate Life Science Research Symposium

Annual Undergraduate Life Science Research Symposium will be held on Monday, April 24th . The Junior Fellows in the Life Sciences are hosting the event, which is sponsored by the College of Natural Sciences.

Dr. Ehab Abouheif, professor of biology at McGill University, will be the keynote speaker at the symposium. He will speak at 4:00 p.m. in the Morrill Science Center (Room 222). The talk is free and open to the public.

Dr. Abouheif is a pioneer the field of evolutionary developmental biology (eco-evo-devo as well!). He is a member of the Royal Society of Canada, College of New Artists, Scholars and Scientists, the former president of the Pan American Society for Evolutionary Developmental Biology, and co-director of the , McGill Centre for Islam and Science. Above all he is a dynamic and engaging speaker. The title of his talk is: "All you need is passion and a few ants: four little lessons on how to make big scientific discoveries".

Students interested in presenting their research can submit their abstracts online. The abstract submission deadline is April 19. All undergraduates conducting independent research are encouraged to participate, especially seniors completing capstone experiences.

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