New Field Course: Amazon Aquatic Ecology

The Biology Department is pleased to announce Biology 596Z, Amazon Aquatic Ecology (4 credits = lab req.). This is a field course in the Brazilian Amazon, taught by Cristina Cox Fernandes. The Brazil trip will be in mid May, and the course will meet a few times prior to that for preparatory lectures. See below for a more complete description of the course.

This is an introductory course designed to familiarize students with the aquatic ecology of the Amazon region. Readings and discussions will introduce students to the major topics in major aquatic ecosystems and organisms in the Amazon prior to the fieldwork. During the discussions, we will identify project topics to be developed during the course. No prior course is required, but students are expected to have a general biology interest and to be enthusiastic in learning about Amazonian topics. Schedule • Lectures will be held weekly during March and April, 2013. • Field trip will be on 17th of May and end 29th of May of 2013 (tentative dates).

OPENINGS STILL AVAILABLE contact Dr. Cristina Cox Fernandes 545-4391 or
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