RootflowRT v.2.8


Analyzing Root Kinematics


In the RootflowRT application the RootflowRT menu will give the user the option to Run Root Analysis.




Root Analysis

In order to begin kinematic analysis, the user must select the appropriate input file and the first image of the first stack. The root images must either be in the same directory as the input file, or in a "tiff" subdirectory of that directory.



While the calculations are being made, various files will appear in the working directory to give an indication of progress and quality of the motion estimates. Review diameterprune_0n.tif files to ensure that the root is properly segmented from the background and QC as a green dot is visible. Also, review pointsfitline_0n.tif files to see that the midline coordinates are accurate.                                         




Run and Cancel

Once the necessary selections have been made, hit the run button and confirm your wish to proceed with the analysis. Processing of the root can be terminated at anytime by hitting the cancel button or by closing the window.