Welcome to our Quick and Simple World-Wide Web Instruction Page

The World-Wide Web (WWW) is a global network of computer sites that have things called websites composed of webpages. The page you are looking at is a webpage that is part of a larger website called the Connecticut River Homepage. Notice how those words (Connecticut River Homepage) look different? Well that is the whole secret of the WWW, the words look different because they are the doorway to what is called a hyperlink. If you move your mouse cursor over a hyperlink it will change, usually from an arrow or a capital-i looking thing (a text cursor) to a little hand. Try it and see. When your mouse cursor looks like a little hand, if you press the left mouse button once you will be transported to wherever the hyperlink leads, usually to another webpage but sometimes you will be brought to another area within the same page or to some other thing like an email message or a file download dialog box (don't worry about these things for now).

OK, that seems simple enough, right? Now the question is how do you get back to where you came from! That's pretty simple also, watch. Somewhere in the upper part of your screen there should be a button called the back button, mine looks like this:

Yours should look similar, depending upon the browser you use. If you click on this button (remember, that means to hold the mouse cursor over the button and press the left mouse button once) you will be brought back to the page you came from. This will work for as many links as you have followed. If the back button stops doing anything, then that means you are back where you first started and there is nowhere to go "back" to!

The last thing I want to mention is that hyperlinks don't have to be made of words, they can also be pictures or even parts of pictures. This is demonstrated below with the two smiley face pictures. The entire picture on the left is a hyperlink that will bring you to the top of this page; no matter where in the picture you click, it will work. The picture on the right is different, only the smiley's red nose is a hyperlink, the rest is just a picture.

Give it a try, notice how the little hand symbol only appears when you are over the right-side smiley's nose, but the whole left-side smiley turns the cursor into a hand. Remember, the back button will undo any jumps you make.


Simple, huh? An example of the kind of hyperlink you saw on the right hand picture is the table of contents page for the Connecticut River book. This is actually a large picture with hyperlinks hidden in it where the words are.

That's all I have to say, hopefully this brief introduction will be enough to help you navigate our website comfortably and with a minimum of frustration.

Thanks and enjoy learning about the Connecticut River!