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Check out the article from the UMass Family Ties newsletter about Liz!

Name: Gerry Downes

Principle investigator

Originally from: Kingston, Massachusetts

Hobbies: travel, snowboarding, hiking, fine and not-so-fine dining

E-mail: gbdownes "at"

Telephone: 413-545-1266

Name: Judy Bennett

Fish facility manager

Originally from: Scotia, New York

Hobbies: gardening, D.I.Y. projects on our ‘This Old House”, music-listening/playing

E-mail: jbennett "at"

Telephone: 413-577-3457

Name: Timo Friedrich

Molecular and Cellular Biology graduate student

Research focus: spinal cord network/accordion class mutant analysis

Originally from: Karlsruhe, Germany

Hobbies: Snowboarding, hang gliding, windsurfing, hiking, reading

E-mail: tfriedri "at"

Telephone: 413-545-0878

Name: Victoria Hall

Lab technician

Originally from: Gloucestershire, England

Hobbies: swimming, cooking/baking, reading, tennis, traveling

E-mail: vhall "at"

Telephone: 413-545-0878

Name: Alexandre Martin

Foreign Exchange Student

Research focus: creating transgenic line

Originally from: Chauvé, France

Hobbies: Traveling, aquatic sports, movies

E-mail: alxndrmrtn "at"

Telephone: 413-545-0878

Name: Bryan Olson

Neuroscience and Behavior graduate student

Research focus: accordion class mutant analysis/GABA A receptors

Originally from: Miami, Florida

Hobbies: Computers, photography, biking

E-mail: bolson "at"

Telephone: 413-545-0878

Name: Ally Nowlan

Undergraduate student

Research focus: spinal cord network/crazyfish class mutant analysis

Originially from: Williamstown, Massachusetts

Hobbies: Rugby

E-mail: acnowlan "at"

Telephone: 413-545-0878

Name: Sruthi Satishchandran

Undergraduate student

Research focus: spinal cord network/accordion class mutant analysis

Originially from: Landsdale, Pennsylvania

Hobbies: Reading, yoga, western classical music

E-mail: sruthisatis90 "at"

Telephone: 413-545-0878

Lab Alumni
Previous group photo

Name: Kelly Anne McKeown

Molecular and Cellular Biology graduate student- graduated Summer 2010

Currently: Assistant professor (tenure track) at Westfield State University

Originally from: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hobbies: running, cycling, all outdoor activities & traveling anywhere

E-mail: mckeown"at"

Name: Erin Parker

Undergraduate student- graduated Spring 2009

Currently: Participating in Teach For America

Originally from: Deerfield, Massachusetts

E-mail: erincparker "at"

photo of Liz Oler

Name: Liz Oler

Undergraduate student- graduated Spring 2008

Currently: Med student at Georgetown University

Originally from: Huntington, New York

Hobbies: Food, travel, skiing, dancing

E-mail: lizoler "at"





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