SARAH CONTE and ELSBETH WALKER speak at The III PanAm Plant Membrane Biology meeting

The talks were entitled, “Multiple antibiotic resistance in Arabidopsis thaliana is conferred by mutations in a chloroplast-localized transport protein” (Sarah) and “The yellow stripe-like (YSL) family of transporters” (Elsbeth)


BURCU YORDEM speaks at Brachypodium Consortium Meeting: Genetic approaches in Brachypodium distachyon: crossing and transformation.


Online Application for Gene and Genome Analysis Course (BIOL 397AH/BH, SPRING 2010) Now Available.

Sign up now to enroll in Biol 397AH and BH--Gene and Genome Analysis. Entrance into this course is by application only.

This course was designed as a part of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Award for redesign of the undergraduate curriculum. Gene and Genome Analysis is a hands-on laboratory course that is project based. Teams of students will investigate a gene of unknown function to identify its biological function. Students will learn laboratory and computer techniques used to work with genes and whole genomes: PCR, microarray analysis, DNA and protein sequence analysis, and more. The goal of this course is to have students become familiar with the underlying principles, as well as practical uses of “–omics” technologies in modern molecular genetics. Most importantly, this course gives an introduction to the increasingly important use of bioinformatics tools, which are rapidly becoming a standard skill that all biologists must acquire. 10/28/2009.

Heng-Hsuan Chu successfully defends Ph.D. Dissertation

Congratulations Heng-Hsuan! Dissertation title: Analyses of the Arabidopsis YELLOW STRIPE-LIKE (YSL) family of metal transporters. 9/04/2009.

Sarah Conte joins the lab.

Welcome Sarah! 8/30/2009.

Jeff Chiecko successfully defends M. S. Thesis

Congratulations Jeff! Thesis title: Investigating the role of YSLs in Oryza sativa and Arabidopsis thaliana through RT-PCR and yeast functional complementation. 8/21/2009.

The Brachypodium genome is now available.

Version 4.0 of Phytozome is now available and includes JGI v1.0 8x assembly of strain Brachypodium Bd21 with JGI/MIPS PASA annotation. 5/13/2009.