397MH - Cellular & Molecular Biology Lab

APPLY NOW for this great lab course! You will be informed of acceptance into the course by November 10th. If spots are still available after this date, applications will continue to be accepted and enrollment decisions will be made on a rolling basis.


Cellular and Molecular Biology Lab is a hands-on project-based course where students explore aspects of cell biology, particularly how proteins within cells are targeted to their correct intracellular location. To approach this cell biological question, students will be using a host of current tools in the life sciences including, bioinformatics, DNA cloning, cell transformation, and microscopy. This course is meant to provide a laboratory perspective to many of the concepts taught in Biology 285. It is NOT necessary to have taken Biology 285, but students must at least be enrolled in Biology 285 concurrently with this course.
Preference for placement into the course will be given to academically excellent sophomores and juniors. I am NOT looking for extensive prior coursework--after all, for a course aimed at sophomores, this would not be expected. Although the course targets sophomores and juniors, seniors may also be accepted into the course, so if you are senior, do apply.

Prerequisite: Biology 285 or concurrent enrollment in Biology 285.

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Course Schedule: Wednesdays and Fridays 1:25-4:25

Location: Integrated Science Building Room 368

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