Graduate Students

I am interested in motivated and outstanding students to join my research program. If you are interested in joining the lab there are two different graduate programs you can apply to at UMass:



Each of these has a different focus within the biological sciences, and the most suitable program for you will depend on your particular research interests. Prior to applying, I encourage you to review the information on each graduate program’s web site. Further information about UMass, the Biology Department, the Graduate School, and the lovely Amherst area can be found at each of the highlighted links. Amherst is often mentioned as one of the top college towns around. See references from MSN.com, away.com, student.com, and the New York TImes.

Feel free to contact me (hazen at bio.umass.edu) with any further questions about applying to graduate school at UMass.


Research experience is an important part of an undergraduate education, and can be of great benefit to the development of your professional career. I periodically accept undergraduates for training in my lab. If you are interested in hands-on laboratory work involving plant genetics and biofuel feedstocks, please contact me. If you are interested in developing your honors thesis in my lab, you should contact me no later than halfway through your Junior year.