Dumont lab (functional morphology, evolution of feeding in mammals, and finite element analysis)

Podos lab (Bird song behavior and evolution)

Garland lab (comparative methods, sexual selection, evolutionary physiology)

Gillis lab (functional morphology, locomotion, muscle anatomy)

Ignacio Moore lab (hormones, reptiles, physiology)

Losos Lab (lizard ecomorphology, systematics)

Wake lab (salamander morphology, function and systematics)

Jayne lab (lizard and snake functional morphology and ecology)

Martins lab (behavior, phylogenetic methods)

Summers lab (functional morphology, feeding, fish)

Sinervo lab (lizards, behavior, hormones, ecology)

Aerts/De Vree/Van Damme lab (ecomorphology, behavior, functional morphology)

Nishikawa lab (Feeding, muscle physiology, morphology, reptiles)

Calsbeek lab (selection, hormones, polymorphism and genetics)

Reilly lab (mechanics of locomotion and feeding in reptiles and mammals)

Dial lab (Functional Morphology of flight in birds)

Brainerd lab (Functional morphology of feeding, breathing, yawning, and much, much more!)

Bailey/Schweitzer lab (Community ecology, genetics, and tropic cascades)

The Biology Department at U Mass Amherst

Organismal Evolutionary Biology Graduate Program at UMass Amherst

Neuroscience and Behavior Graduate Program at UMass Amherst