Research in the Irschick Lab

The research in my laboratory addresses the interface among organismal design, function, and ecology. Broadly, we are interested in the evolution of complex functional systems in all its facets. Our research integrates microevolutionary and macroevolutionary approaches, and we apply both experimental and descriptive approaches. We employ a wide variety of techniques, including phylogenetic comparative methods, ecological mark-recapture techniques, 2-D and 3-D kinematic analysis, analysis of kinetics (force dynamics), and analyses of hormones and morphology. We examine a wide range of animals, including sharks, geckos, frogs, spider, snakes, ungulates, salamanders, and mice, among others.

We focus on five broad areas: Click on each of the links below for more information!




Gecko adhesion: An evolutionary approach


Animal performance in nature


Form and function in apex predatory sharks





Evolution and mechanisms of animal performance



Sexual selection and animal performance