Living La Vida Irschick......

"Where its always the month of June"

I've been blessed with having some wonderful scientists pass through my lab, and you can learn more about these individuals below


Duncan J. Irschick "El Viejo" (PI)

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Post-doctoral researchers and Research Faculty in lab:

Anthony Herrel


Bieke VanHooydonck



Martin Dallimer


Jay Meyers


Jerry Husak



Dr. Patricia Brennan

(Research Assistant Professor)



Dr. Dan Moen

Beginning 9/1/2014





Locomotion tests on wolf spiders



Past and Present graduate students:

Shawn Vincent

9/01 12/05

Simon Lailvaux

9/02 12/05

David McMillan


Philip Bergmann


Christine Buckley



JJustin Henningsen


Suellen Almeida

9/1/2009 - 8/1/2010

Chi-Yun Kuo

9/1/2009 - Present

Casey Gilman







Current undergraduates:

Rachel Grabar

Independent study

Hasan Merza



Dylan Briggs

Independent research

Undergraduate students supervised: Dylan Briggs (Independent study), Rachel Grabar (Independent study), Hasan Merza (Work-study), Dylan Briggs (Independent research), Julia Schelp (Summer research), Bryn Kelley (Independent study), Amanda Withey, Irina Showalter, Amy Halpren (Independent research), Nicole Foxworth (Independent study), Eileen Curran (Independent study), Hannah Tosi (Independent study), Elyse Wagner (Independent study), Rachel Herman (Honors student), Kelly Kumm (Independent study), Heidi Li (Independent study), Hyun-Joo Kim (Independent study), Suellen Almedia, Independent study, Minority), Sandy Robinson (Independent study), Lauren Bonvini (Honors thesis), Amy Trombecky (Work-study), Simon Miner (Independent study), Laura Custer (Work-study), Jessica Wood (REU fellowship), William Bell (REU fellowship), Michael Kunen (Work-study), Issac Kremsky (Work-study), Jacqueline Fountain (Independent study), Jennifer Weaver (Work-study), Phuong-Di Dang (Honors student), Rachel Katz (Work-study), John Rossell (Independent study), Natasha Bloch (Honors student, Minority), Elizabeth Carlisle (Honors student), Justin Elstrott (Honors student), Andy Jimenez (LAMP student, Minority), John Danzell (LAMP student, Minority, Kevin Gibbons (Independent study), Christina Hartnett (Independent study), Rebecca Joachim (Independent study), Daniel Ballow (Independent study), Anemone Androsceu (Independent study), Daniel Hincaipe (Independent study), Veronica Webb (Independent study), Margarita Ramos (Independent study), Esteban Toro (Summer research in lab), Jon Forman (Summer research), Ted Macrini (Summer research), Stephen Koruba (Summer research).

Undergraduate student accomplishments (Graduate school placement, publications):  Margarita Ramos (Princeton University, 4 publications) Esteban Toro (Stanford University, 3 publications) Natasha Bloch (3 publications) Justin Elstrott (UC San Diego, 3 publications) Elizabeth Carlisle (George Washington University, 2 publications) Anemone Androsceu (Veterinary school, 1 publication) Rebecca Joachim (M.S. degree in public health, University of Houston, 1 publication) Ted Macrini (University of Texas at Austin, 3 publications) Stephan Koruba (1 publication), Jonathan Forman (1 publication)