Darya Herscovici

My name is Darya Herscovici and I am a sophomore double major in Biology and Psych-Neuroscience on the Pre-Med track. Eager to get involved in research, I joined the Karlstrom lab fall semester of my freshman year and it has been a major driving force towards my primary interest in neurobiology throughout college. In the lab, I study the chemical and morphological cues that guide neurohypophysis development in zebrafish. The neurohypophysis is the posterior lobe of the pituitary, a gland located on the base of the brain that is vital for secreting hormones into the bloodstream and forms the connections between the nervous and endocrine system. Outside of the lab, I volunteer in the Alzheimer’s and Dementia clinic at the Elaine’s Center, work as an EMT for UMass EMS, and am a Teaching Assistant for Behavioral Neuroscience.