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Biological Research & Development

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Joseph G. Kunkel, Professor Emeritus, Biology Department,
120 Morrill III South, U. Massachusetts Amherst, MA
01003-5810 |
Research Professor, College of Arts and Sciences,
112A Marine Science Center, University of New England, Biddeford ME 04005
Vita, ORCID, reprints, UMass map, UNE Biddeford map, email: joe@bio.umass.edu; Office: (413)335-6017;
Ocean Acidification Information Exchange

The Kunkel Lab studies biological patterns in space and time,
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Scope of this Web Site:

Cockroach Model System
Asian Gypsy Moth Discrimination
Calmodulin in Early Development
Drosophila Sex Discrimination
Gypsy Moth Serum and Egg Storage Proteins
Wing Venation,
Historical vs Recent Moth Illustrations
Catocala Behavior project of Ted Sargent
UMass Vibrating Non-invasive Ion-selective Probe Site

Fish Development
flounder, cod, tautog

Joe's Butterfly Walk


Journal Club Memberships:
Faculty Senate
University Computer & Electronic Communication Committee
Biology Alumni Newsletter

Former and Current Students
Mary E. Johnson, M. S. '74 Yolk evolution in the Catocala
Robert A. McCarthy, B. S. '73
Research Asst., 1974-76
Cockroach vitellogenin
Donna M. Lawler, B. S. '74
Senior Honor's Thesis
Larval-specific-proteins in the Dictyoptera
Gary Shepard, B. S. '76
Carbohydrate moieties on cockroach vitellogenin
Raymond C. Duhamel, Ph.D. '77 Blatta orientalis Serum Proteins and their turnover,
Entrez RCD
William T. Haggerty, M. S. '77 Larval Serum Protein Evolution in Cockroaches
John R. Storella, M.S. '80 Yolk utilization in Periplaneta
Colleen Finnegan, B.A. Hampshire College '81 Spermatogenesis in Blattella germanica
Kerry Grolman, B.S. '81 Uric acid metabolism in Blattella
Don M. Wojchowski, Ph. D. '84 Vitellogenin processing & JH receptors,
Entrez DMW
Patricia Ann Estes, M. S. '85 Vitellogenin: Structure and Function
William D. Shannon, M. S. '89 Rotational averaging of a trimeric macromolecule. Entrez WDS
Yujun Zhang, Ph. D. '92 Cockroach calmodulin and actin
Jeffrey Geller, B. S. '92 EE
Senior Honors Thesis
The Effect of Oscillating Magnetic Fields on Biological Systems
Raquell E. Dompenciel, Ph. D. '93 Lymantria dispar yolk proteins,
Entrez RED
Andrea Diss, Ph. D. '96 Lymantria dispar nutrition and dispersal,
Entrez AD
Anand R. Iyengar, Ph. D. '96 Cockroach calmodulin mRNA,
Entrez AR Iyengar
Ruth Hartling, Ph. D. '99 Entrz RC Hartling Winter Flounder Vitellogenin
Ellen E. Faszewski, Ph. D. '99 Ion Probe, ... Xenopus follicle ionic currents, H+/K+ currents,
Entrez EE Faszewski
Brian R. Bettencourt B.S.'96 Asian gypsy moth discrimination and Drosophila sex dimorphism
Atlas venture
Lan Tran B.S.'97 Drosophila wing morphometrics
Ainex Baez B.S.'98 Historical Biogeography of Noctuids
Paul Sonenblum, B.S.'99 Zebrafish Physiology
Mike Pelak, B.S.'99 Fish Biology
Edgar Rodriquez, B.S.'99 Ionic currents in Drosophila ovarioles
Janel Cho, B.S.'99 Ion Probe
Brandon LaGrange, B.S. '99 Lepidopteran wing morphometrics
Rahul Sharma '99 Cod Vitellogenin Assay
Ray Moniz '00 Shad, Cod and Tautog Maturation
Jenny Mirabal '00 Gypsy moth wing morphometrics
Winnie Pong '02 Gregarine and childhood asthma
Patricia Squitiero '02 Zebrafish CaM/Growth
Daniel Petit-Frere '02 Cockroach Oocyte
Arne Christensen Westfield State University. Cell Biology/Fish Physiology

Research Colleagues and Associates:
Margaret Anderson (Smith College) Role of follicle cells in ion currents of ovarian follicles
Entrez MA & JGK
Elizabeth Bowdan (UMass) Ionic currents about ovarian follicles
Eric A. Decker (UMass) Entrez EAD
Jose Feijó (U. Lisbon, Portugal) Plant Cell Biology, Proton currents in pollen tubes,
Entrez JF & JGK
Peter K. Hepler (UMass) Plant Cell Biology, Entrez PKH & JGK
David Keefe (Brown U.) Fertility of mammalian oocytes
Beatrice Lanzrein (U. Berne) Effects of ions and ion channel blockers on vitellogenesis;
Entrez BL
Rohlf König (U. Berne) Role of CHO on vitellogenesis;
Entrez Rohlf König
John H. Nordin (UMass) high-mannose oligosaccharides of insect vitellins;
Entrez JHN & JGK
William H. Telfer (U. Penn.) The function and evolution of insect storage hexamers;
Entrez WHT
Allan C. Wilson (Berkeley) Birds, Behavior and Evolution | cited in Brain Evolution field into 2000's
Pung Pung Hwang
(Academica Sinica, Taiwan)
Chloride Cells: Probe Development; Entrez PPH
Joseph Zydlewski (UMass.) Fish Physiology: Tautog Development; Ionic currents.  
Entrez JZ
Sean Lucey Bluefish Project

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