BioMass - UMass Amherst Biology Alumni Newsletter
  1. Response to Plea for Help on Faculty Timeline.
  2. Return-mail comments from Biology Alumni postcards and email:
Gustaf E. Lindskog, M. D. 
Class of  '23 BS 
15 Cowpath Lane 
Woodbridge CT 06525 
Marguerite Vichules Bourgeois 
Class of  '31 BS '36 MS 
10 Chestnut St, Apt. 2304 
Exeter, NH 03833 
5/10/2001. Help with timeline: Dr. R. Torrey, Botany '31, '36.
At 94 years old it is difficult to remember names of other Professors.
Albert Delisle 
Class of  '32 BS 
5786 McKinley Dr. 
Garden Valley, CA 95633 
Oswald Tippo 
Class  '32 BS 
Aubinwood Road 
Amherst, MA 01002 
Eds: Deceased 1999.
James Mackimmie 
Class  '32 BS 
41 Stardust Cr 
Windsor VT 05089 
5/15/2001. Help for historical timeline:
Torrey Botany '32
Alexander Biology '32
Gordon Zoology '32.
Fred H. Taylor 
Class of  '33 BS 
6 Larch Rd. 
South Burlington, VT 
5/12/2001.  Bob Wilce was an M.S. student of mine at University of Vermont.
Do you have any information about Albert Delisle, Class of  '32 BS  or Joseph O'Mara '33 ?
Eds: Look above for Delisle address.  Albert Delisle has sponsored an award for graduate study in the plant sciences.
Don H. Smith 
Class  '34 BS 
P.O.Box 548 
Waialua, HI 96791 
7/19/2000. Next Issue:(?) List(s) of:
(1) Former beneficiaries of Torrey Fund & their present duties.
(2) Present beneficiaries of Torrey Fund & their future plans.
(3) $$$ Condition of the Torrey Fund.
Webster A Chandler 
Class  '37 BS 
1104 Maple Dr. 
Griffin, GA 30224 
I was one of RE Torrey's students who went on in plant Science- Cornell and Penn State (5yrs Army in between). I enjoyed walks with him as he lived behind where I worked.  He was a strange person but possibly the greatest teacher of our time.  He would have loved even an old electron microscope!   Keep up the good work!  
Frank Wing 
Class of  '40 BS Zool 
5431 Grand Blvd 
Sebring FL 33872
I trust a forthcoming newsletter will pay tribute to Dr. Gilbert L. Woodside. As a scholar, a member and all round great person, I can think of no one in my undergraduate career who influences me more. I assisted in his freshmen biology labs and he saw signs of potential in me I did not recognize myself. Without his urging even before I graduated I would not have gone to graduate school at Brown Univ. Although I have never seen any obituary I assume he is no longer alive. 
Harold S. Lewis
Class of  '43 BS 
Box 782
Marblehead MA 01945 
6/30/00. (1) I enjoy your Newsletter!
(2) You mentioned Frank Wing '40. Do you have his address? .. an old friend of mine. HSL
David Marsden 
Class of  '43 BS 
Frank Gay Rd 
Marcellus NY, 13108 
6/30/99. I was a pathologist with the shade tree lab at umass 1947-52 when the Dutch Elm disease was rampant. We lost the battle and the Amer. Elm is gone as was the fate of the Amer. Chestnut. 
6/22/00. Dr. David H. Marsden, Class of 43, died Dec. 26, 1999.
Diane Kelton 
Class '45 BS and '62 PhD 
15 Heatherstone Rd. 
Amherst, MA 01003-1634 
?/?/1999.  Very good job of updating us- even those of us who live in Amherst. Keep it up! If I hear any news, I'll let u know. ~DEK 
5/10/2001.  How far back are you going with the timeline?
... worked as research associate in Zoology from 1953-1974.
Eds: As far back as we can get info! Thanks for sending the 1945 UMass Register with faculty appointment and emeritis dates!
Gordon P. DeWolf, Jr., PhD 
Class of  '49 BS 
Merryfields Farm 126 Long Hill Rd. 
Weat Brookfield, Mass 01685 
Anson Cooke 
Class of  '49 and  '50
1210 Huntsman Dr. 
Durham, NC 27713 
Although retired for 13 years, I still consult for the chemical pesticide industry. There has been a tremendous change in this industry and the biochemology approach is slowly being adopted. 
Eugene H Varney 
Class of  '49 BS Bot
17 Hadler Dr. 
Somerset,NJ 08873-3360 
It is sad to see Botany and Zoology drawn in the Biology setup but a 3 fold increase in majors more than compensates for the loss of identity. I'll also join the current trends and access the newsletters via the web. It'll not only save money but will reduce the mailman's load. 
Bob Marquis 
Class of  '58 BS Biol 
1422 Main St. 
Concord, MA 01742 
Thanks for your newsletter. I enjoy reading about what is happening. Am now retired after spending 35 years in the pharmaceuticals industry (Merck) in sales and marketing.  My scientific training at UMass helped a great deal in my career.  Keep in touch!
Elliot Rosenfield 
Class of  '62 BS 
18WM Bradford Rd 
Dartmouth, MA 02747 
Biology background allowed me to establish a medical practice niche in my CPA firm Rosenfield Holland+Raymond P.C., CPAs in New Bedford and Marthas Vineyard, MA 
William Birmingham 
Class of  '64 MA 
131 Blueberry Lane 
Southbury, CT 06488 
Richard C. Franson 
Class of  '65 BS Botany 
11812 Britain Way
Richmond, VA 23233 
Wonderful article Biomass #01 on Dr.Wilce. Congratulations to him on receiving an honorary degree from U of Copenhagen.  I had the privilege of traveling with him to the Devon Is. one summer and with his graduate students the next. Both were unforgettable experiences just as he was an unforgettable mentor. 
Vicky Haard 
Class of  '65 BS 
1819 Amador Ave
Davis, CA 95616
5/30/99. Great idea for an alum newsletter. 
Congratulations to Dr. Ted Sargent and best wishes for a great retirement 
7/12/2000. Working part time at "The Naturalist" in Davis CA, enjoying 4 grandchildren, Volunteering for Gideons and working on my Privat Pilot certification.
Austin and Pamella Platt
'63 MA, '65 PhD; '66 MA
423 Drury Ln.
Baltamore MD 21250
Immensely enjoyed the articles about Ted Sargent's reminisences and Dana Snyder's video about South Amherst's antique farm machinery.  I'm still doing research on admiral butterflies begun in 1964, while we were still grad students in the Amherst area.  We visit with the Rollason's each Xmas-time in Vermont.
Neil Savage 
Class of  '65 M.A. 
15 Allen St. 
Exeter, NH 03833 
Involved in a project called Aquaculture Education & Research Center, to be located on the shore of Hapmton Harbor, NH. Left Digital Equip. Corp involuntarily. 
Gail Buckley-Rudick 
Class of  '65 BA 
25 Woodstead Rd. 
Ballston Lake, NY 12019 
MD degree in 1969.
2 children:
  Kelley Rudick í93, now DVM
  John Rudick, U.Vermont. 
George Buteau
'66 MA, '68 PhD;
Pinole, CA
5/22/2001.  Donald Fairbairn was my major professor. Katherine Broderick (B.S. Botany, 1967) and I were married in 1966. Following several years of postdocs and teaching, I received an M.S. in Toxicology/Pharmacology from Univ. of California, Davis, in 1979 and have been employed as a staff toxicologist with Chevron Research & Technology Co. since 1978. Kathy enjoyed a 30 year career as a botanist and pesticide registration specialist with Chevron's ORTHO pesticide division from 1969 until retiring from ORTHO, now owned by Scotts, in 1999. Along the way we raised 2 children, Kim and Kevin, both graduates of the Univ. of Calif. system. We hope to travel and pursue our hobbies and interests during our retirement which may come for me this year or next.
Clare (Schloemer) Neuman
Class of  '66 BS & '68 MAT
9 Stoney Ridge Rd.
Allendale, NJ 07401 
7/15/2000. I am retired now (2 years) after a 30 year career as a biology teacher.
Edgar E.Webber 
Class of  '67 PhD 
Box 86 
Keuka Park, NY 14478 
Bob Wilces first grad student! I've recently retired from teaching/research at KEUKA COLLEGE, Upstate NY. Published in 30 papers in Marine Bot.-studied Algae at Ipswich & Essex salt marshes. 
Mary A. Anderson, M.D., M.P.H.
Class of  '68 B. S. Zoology
Comanding Officer
Naval Aerospace Medical research Laboratory
51 Hovey Road
Pensacola, FL 32508-1046
8/7/2000. Captain Mary Alice (Buck) Anderson, Medical Corps, USN assumed command of the Naval Aerospace Medical research Laboratory on 5 August 2000. The mission of the laboratory is to conduct research and development in aviation medicine and the allied sciences. Night vision studies, spatial disorientation work and sound attenuation research are current projects.
Vicki Merten 
Class of  '68 MA 
114 Smith Ridge Rd. 
South Salem, NY 10590 
Whatever happened to Dr.Ryan Drum, Dr.ís Bigelow- Biology please let me know. Iíve been teaching HS biology and AP biology in Great Neck NY for 30 yrs. 
Eds: Answered in alumni mailbag Biomass 2.
Charles Verner 
Class of  '69 BS 
49 Hulst Rd 
Amherst, MA 01002 
Zoe Greenwood and Jeffrey Greenwood
Class of  '70 
487 W.Morris Rd 
Morris, CT 06763 
... We receive a total of 3 newsletters. While I really enjoyed reading the first one, the others were unneccessary. 
Martha Adams McMahon 
Class of  '70 BS 
145 New Balch St. 
Beverly, MA 01915 
Despite the fact that molecular bio did not exist when I was there, I got a good enough background (from all my Profs.- Nutting, Klingenger etc.). I taught biology for a while and currently work at New England Biolabs in Beverly along with Melissa Montello a much more recent grad. 
Bill Plunkett 
Class of  '70 PhD 
Dept. of Clinical Investigation 
Box 71 
The University of Texas Cancer Center 
M.D. Anderson Hospital
1515 Holcambe Blvd 
Houston, TX 77030 
John Jenkins 
Class of  '72, BS Zool 
1992 Cox Brook Rd 
West Berlin, VT 05663 
My biology roots are alive and well as were farming in Vermont. Hello to Dr. D. Edwards. 
S. Ustaszewski 
Class  '73 BS 
PO Box 516 
McLean, VA 22101 
Please take me off of the mailing list. 
Kevin Baruzzi 
Class of  '74 BS Honors 
485 Oblong Rd. 
Williamstown, MA 01267 
4 excellent years (70-74) in Dept prepared me well for the future! 
Celia Hooper 
Class of  '75 BS 
Box 341466 
Bethesda, MD 20827-1466 
Alive and well; working as the special assistant for communications, Office of Intramural Research, OD, NIH, having pursued a career in science writing after obtaining a PhD (botany) at Michigan, in 1982 
Cliff Desch 
Class of  '75, PhD 
Quoted in 12/98 National Geographic, concerning ectoparasites Cliff is now on the UCONN faculty. 
Neil Fennessey 
Class of  '75 Zool 
49 School St. 
S.Dartmouth, MA 02748 
6/30/99. Iím a professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering @ UMASS- Dartmouth. My specialty is hydrology and water resources engineering. I live about 200 yards from Buzzards Bay, a nice alternative to the Pioneer Valley region. 
7/28/2000. I am (still) a professor of civil & environmental engineering at UMass Dartmouth. Specialty area is (still) hydrology and water resource planning and management. My Zoology training helps me communicate with the biology-types but the world is better off that I am not one of them.  I still have a passion for auto racing that I shared with my advisor, Dr. Klingener.
Charles "Dana" Bangs 
Class of  '77 BS Botany 
UCSF Stanford Healthcare 
300 Pastear Dr. 
Stanford, CA 94305 
Very pleased to receive biomass and see old Profs. Ö (Dr.Wilce, Stern and Walker). I have very good memories of the botany dept. including Dr. Raudzens my advisor and Jim Mulcahy in whose lab I did some undergrad work. Also there were Randy Wayne, Dave Buckley, Ric Kessel: and others. I am now supervising the clinical cytogenetics lab at the former Stanford University. Hospital, now UCSF Stanford Healthcare. 
Don Taylor 
Email: taylor 
Class of  '77 BS 
I can access the website so please remove me from the mailing list. Alumni email forum is great! I look forward to seeing new messages! 
Mike DiMuro
email: sakhem@aol
Class of  '78 BS 
1030 Twin Berry Ct.
Hendersen NV 89015
Dr. Alexander Lee Burns, Ph.D.
Class of  '78 Ph.D.
Email: Metabolic Diseases Branch
   National Institute of Diabetes
Digestive and Kidney Diseases
National Institutes of Health
10 Center Dr. MSC 1802
Bethesda, MD 20892
Sheila Collins 
Class of  '79 BS 
Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Duke University Med. Ctr. 
Box 3557 
Durham, NC 27710 
My training in Zoology ( I also took lots of Biochemistry courses gave the such a good foundation I scored an 800 on my Biology GRE!! MIT Ph.D. 1985. Now Assoc. Prof. @ Duke 
Michael Brugger 
Class of  '79 Zool 
130 Pioneer Ct. 
Athens, GA 30603 
Proud father of identical twin boys, Gabriel and Lyndon born April 22,1998. Working as a Physician Assistant at the Univ. of Georgia Student Health Services. 
Dr. Jay Reubens 
Class of  '79 
2 Nokomis Way 
S.Natick,MA 01760 
Graduated BU Dental School in 1984, built a group practice in Brookline, MA and sold it in 1993 to pursue entreprenurial business development for dentists and physicians. 
Married- wife Linda, daughter Alexa 4 yrs old. 
Beth Badstubner 
Class of  '80, BS 
Meetinghouse Hill Rd 
W.Newbury, MA 01985 
Itís great to have the new "Biology" Designation. No longer have to explain the zoology major! As a graduate student of 1980 after Dr.Moner was there it was nice to hear his name in the news letter. He was my personal advisor! I like to hear about the Dept. and research, alumni too. ~BK 
John Storella 
Class of  '80 M.S. 
1880 Jackson St #505 
San Francisco, CA 94109 
5/31/99. John Storella is a partner in the law firm of Townsend and Townsend and Crew in SF C.A. where he specializes in intellectual property law in biotechnology. His experience at Umass was invaluable in providing the technical knowledge of cell and molecular biology that he uses every day in his work. 
9/05/2000. John Storella, now Vice President Intellectual Property Affairs of Ciphergen Biosystems, Inc. writes:
I left my position at the law firm in April and joined Ciphergen Biosystems. We are a proteomics company determined to revolutionize the field of protein biology with a patented SELDI mass spectrometry system.  ...   We fractionate proteins using a biochromatographic surface, and analyze the captured proteins by mass spectrometry. This system provides tremendous resolution and sensitivity. One practical application of the technology is the discovery of diagnostic markers by comparing the proteins from healthy and diseased biological samples. Here's a link to one of our patent applications. Also, check out our website. We expect to be having an IPO later this month.
On a more personal note, my wife, Lisa, and I are moving to the Rockridge area of Oakland.  ...   Lisa is a television producer. Next week she has two pieces airing. They are follow-up programs produced by KQED to the Moyer's series on PBS on end of life issues.
Best Wishes,
July 2011. John speaks on NPR KQED of SF.
Jeff Socolow 
Class of  '82 BS Zool 
7 Spruce Hill 
Burlington, MA 01803 
UMass and the Zoology Department were great contributors to the rich professional life I lead now as a scientist at Genetics Institute, Inc. 
Peter Gerlach 
Class of  '83 BS 
4820 Condor Dr. 
Chasapeake, VA 23321 
Patty Conrad 
Class of  '87 PhD 
Biology Department 
Bucknell University 
Lewisburg, PA 17837 
Since August 1996 I have been an assistant professor of biology and the director of the Imaging Facility at Bucknell University, a liberal arts college in central Pennsylvania 
Sharon (Yokell) Skov 
Class '89 BS 
1678 Gatehouse Cir So. Apt.A2 
Colorado Springs, CO 80904 
Married Skov in 1997. Have worked for the Air Force since 1996. Currently at USAF Academy, Co. Fitness Program Manager there. MS degree from Colorado State Univ. 1995. 
Karen Russell- McCaleb 
Class '90 BS Zoology 
659 Center St. 
Ludlow, MA 01056 
Timothy Waltonlonn 
67 Tremont St. 1st floor 
Salem, MA 01970-1543 
Please remove my name from the mailing list. 
Donna Saatma 
Class of  '92 BS 
800 S.Dakota Ave Apt 316 
Tampa, Fl 33606 
I would love to see a web site that would allow alumni to track down classmates we've lost track of. 
Denise Marnell 
Class of  '92 Botany 
1499 Richland Rd. 
Auburn, AL 36832 
Currently finishing a masters degree at Auburn University, AL: Allied Aqua cultures & Fisheries department. 
Ann Bramlage 
Class of  '92 BS 
8552 Interlake Ave. N 
Seattle, WA 98103 
Kimberly J. Morgan 
Class of  '94 Zool 
3 Shell St. 
New Bedford, MA 02744 
Worked down at Woods Hole Summer of 1998. Research on scallops and squid. Born on January 27,1999, Evan Thomas, first child. 
Marianne Jakus 
Class of  '94 BS 
138 Village Park 
Amherst, MA 01002 
Anyone want to do any cont. ed. in the evolution of behavior? 
Kathy Ucinski 
Class '95 BS Zool 
425 S. Hubbards Ln. #79 
Louisville, KY 40207 
Hope Prof. Sargent enjoys retirement, I enjoyed his bio101 lectures! Bout time those labs were removed too. I used to TA in there. 
Annmarie Ralph 
Class of  '97, BS 
2105 Redrock Ct. 
Los Angeles, CA 90034 
Heather Lebel 
Class  '98 BS 
8 Georges St Apt 4 
North Providence,RI 02911 
I will be entering a masters of Physician Assistant studies program at beaver College in PA, I have worked as a NA this year and am anxious to return to academia. 
Neil M. Fennessey, Ph. D.
Class of  '75 BS 
49 School St.
South Dartmouth, MA