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What is a Cockroach?
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Here is a classical tree (clickable) for the cockroaches per se:

Blattella Supella Nyctibora Schultesia Blaberus, Eublaberus, Byrsotria Epilamprinae Gromphadorhina, Leucophaea Diploptera Pyncnoscelus Polyzosterinae Blatta, Periplaneta Bibliography Dictyoptera root Tree
The Classical Cockroach Phylogeny of McKittrick (1964)
Modern tree based on mt-rDNA (Kambhampati, 1995)

Where are some of your favorite cockroaches on the above tree?

Go to the 'Tree of Life' Web Site to see where the cockroaches have been fit into the scheme of animal evolution and the controversy over the relationship to termites and preying mantids.

A Cockroach FAQ

The story of the elusive albino cockroach.

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Why are the Cockroaches a good group in which to study...

Contemporary cockroach biologists and links to their publications?

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