CMER Lobster
IV-14 AL002-Joe Kunkel/ back at UMass
IV-17  Leaving Woods Hole NMFS Dock
Jay's Sox jacket says he is not aboard.
IV-17  Rounding the turn out of the Hole.
IV-18  Scott, Cathy & Mike
at checker
IV.  Scott & Cathy
at checker
IV.  Scott Gudes proffers lobster; Cathy, Mike & John carry on. | Gudes Bio
IV.  AL002-373
IV.  Mike Sissenwine shows
Gabriella Martinez how to cut
IV.  Sea Raven
IV.  Ocean pout.
IV.  Cathy, Holly and Scott
work up lobsters.
IV.  Larry Jacobson & John Galbraith at cutting station uno.
IV.  It is cold! Joe Pereira and Gabby Martinez at cutting station three.
Gabby is studying Stolloteuthis leucoptera
IV.  Holly hoists cod ...
IV.  Holly, about to hoist more ...
IV.  Holly, just off camera points Larry to baskets of cod to process.
IV.  Rebecca Allee, NOAA, Wash. DC with CC Bay cod.
Are they healthy?
IV.  After dropping off Washington visitors and picking up spare net we steam out of Boston Harbor.
IV.  AL002-396
IV.  Jet landing;
we are leaving Boston.
IV.  Billy Shaw with
IV.  Billy & Wolf
IV.  AL002-403
Herring Gulls
IV.  sta 258
North West Face
IV.  Haddock tow
IV.  Billy, Travis & Nina-405
IV.  Kenny on deck
trains Tony II in
IV.  Kenny on deck
trains Tony II in
IV.  Travis has lunch-408
IV.  Release of the
lobster & haddock
IV.  Release-410
IV.  Release-411
IV.  Release-412
IV.  Release-413
IV.  Release-414
IV.  sta 269
Mid Gulf of Maine
IV-22  sta 279
North East Peak

cod larvae
IV-23  Red Fish YOY-425
IV-23  Coral-416
IV-23  Coral-417
IV-23  Coral-418
IV-23  Coral-419
IV-23  Coral-420
IV-23  Silicaceous
IV-23  Coral-422
IV-23  Net Repair 423
IV-23  Coral-424
IV-23  Coral-425
IV-22  sta 284
Easter Noon

just after coral slope
IV-23  Looking aft
just outside
Scientist lounge-427
IV-23  Looking forward
just outside
Scientist lounge-428
IV-23  Gulls on Gulf surface.-429
IV-23  Basket Star
IV-23  Basket Star

IV-23  Repair-432
IV-23  Al and John
IV-23  Pat, Nina and Travis
waiting on repair.-434
IV-24  Atlantic Silverside
unusual this far N.-436
IV-24  Barndoor skate
IV-24  Argentines
IV-24  Argentines
IV-24  Redfish &
black belly rosefish-440
IV-24  marlin spike &
Atl. herring-441
IV-24  marlin spike
IV-24  Longfin hake
IV-25  Gadus morhua
IV-25  Homarus americanus
4 AM
 sta 296
German Bank
IV-25  Xxxxxxx yyyyyy
IV-25  Xxxxxxx yyyyyy
IV-25  Gadus morhua
Joe Kunkel-450
IV-26  Looking foreward
from aft of checker-451
IV-26  Long haul
IV-26  Long haul
IV-26  Long haul
IV-26  Long haul
IV-26  Long haul
IV-26  Long haul
IV-26  Long haul
IV-26  Long haul
IV-26  Long haul
IV-26  Long haul
IV-26  sta 308
northern most station
sta 309
back in the
 Cusk, Brosme brosme
male, resting
89 cm.-463
IV-27  John's treasures
IV-27  John's stash
IV-27  workstations 2 & 3
IV-27  verso
IV-27  recto
IV-27  recto again
IV-26  sta 319
last station
IV-28  going home
IV-28  going home
IV-28  going home
IV-28  going home
IV-28  going home
A. undouble window
B. double window