SCS Real Time Display

GPS2P-Time (hhmmss)24 hour time updated from GPS sat
GPS1-Lat (DEGMIN)Location along lines of latitude via GPS
GPS1-Lon (DEGMIN)Location along lines of longitude via GPS
GPS2P - sog (Knots)Speed over Ground via GPS
GPS2P - cog (Degrees)Course over Ground
GYRO(degrees)Ships steering compass
Air-Temp (C)
Baro-Pressure (millibars)
Fluro-Val (PPM) Instrument which measures amount of plankton in the sea water, in parts per million.
Sea-Temp (C)
Young Wind Speed - T (Knots)Details true wind speed
Young Wind Dir - T (Degrees)Details true wind direction
Young Wind Gust Max (Knots)Details maximum recorded wind gust
AVG TSG Cond (MMHOS) Thermosalinograph measurement of conductivity
AVG TSG Temp (C) Hydrographic sensor which is lowered to the sea floor which transmits conductivity, temperature and salininty
AVG TSG SALINITY (%) Salinity measurement used in hydrographic profiling data recording
SPD-to-Target (Knots) Speed to target, usually a survey point or trawl station
Boom-Line-Rate (Meters/2min)Rate and amount of wire being let out for the TSG
Dist-to-WP (Nmiles) Distance to Waypoint. How many nautical miles to the next trawl
AVG GPS2 SOG (Knots) Average speed over ground measured by GPS
EQ50 True Depth (Meters)The EQ50 is a accoustic bottom sounder which records true depth and bottom profile.
annotated by Dan Doolittle