Albatross IV Cruise AL98-11
1998 Fall Bottom Survey: Leg IV, Nov. 2-10.
pictures in order taken by Joe Kunkel
  1. Liz says to Nina "Can we fill out too many forms?"

  2. Nina: "The waterproof form with its penciled in data is our most valuable tool in fighting the decline and measuring the recovery of our groundfish!"
  3. Terry says to David, "Wiring tags to Jay's jacket is lots of fun".

  4. "The wired tag, placed through the mouth and gill of a select set of fish species, is an innovation to improve the accuracy of fish samples which are frozen and sent to Age & Growth for analysis."
  5. David Dobbs asks "Which is the goose fish?"
  1. Jason Link on break.
  2. Willie and George start repairs of net.
  3. Nina with a knife!
  4. Holly keeps in touch with shore.
  5. Parted wire will be a trophy for Jay.
  6. Rick Hardee using CCMail.
  1. Repairing a net, late in evening.
  2. Earl helps Tony repairing a net, detail.
  3. John Z. trying to make heads or tails.
  4. John Z. giving a lesson in statistics to Orlando.
  5. "We're here because someone has to do it!".

  6. David listens to the wisdom of Chief Scientist, Nancy, and Terry.
  1. CDR Derek C. Sutton, NOAA Corps at the helm!
  2. 6-12 watch team 3, Liz and Earl.
  3. 6-12 watch team 2, Terry and John Z.
  4. 6-12 watch team 1, Jay and David.
  5. 6-12 John Z. treating a patient.
  6. 6-12 Cod stomach contents being volume-estimated.
  7. Orlando keeps on top of shipboard repair's.
  8. Other deck crew.
Wed. 12 M We lost a net and one door at Lat 40D 18.75' Lon 70D 16.75' Extensive repairs ensue.
While repairs ensue I can establish some of the flavor of the ship!
  1. Repairs are first priority at 12M
  2. Schematics of the ship.
  3. Commissioning Plaque of the ship.
  4. Emergency shutoff valve station.
  5. Jay's gear at ready.
  6. Joe's gear at ready.
  7. At 2AM there's fruit, cookies, pastry and hot soup.
  8. target="MAIN"Copy of commision for Albatross (I), 1883.
Thursday Morning sunrise:
  1. Steve does bongos with Terry's accompaniment.
  2. The sock of the bongo being rinsed.
  3. Sunrise 11/5 A
  4. Sunrise 11/5 B
  5. Sunrise 11/5 C
  6. Sunrise 11/5 D
  7. Sunrise 11/5 E
  8. Sunrise 11/5 F
  1. 6-12 team at checker with 1 large rock +.
  2. Big cod in a laundry basket.
  3. Big anemone and a hake with red fish in mouth.
  4. Arms flail as fish are sorted in the checker.
  5. Sea raven in the checker.
  6. Bakets with spiny dogfish.
  7. Cleaning up for Portland.
  8. Ship shape for Portland.
Our approach and stop at Portland State peer, Thursday 11/5 2PM.
We needed to replace the two lost nets and pair of doors which will be trucked up to Portland from Cape Cod.
Non-essential crew gets 2 hour shore leave!  Thanks Captain!   We must be back by 4PM or we are AWOL!
  1. Light opposite Portland Head Light.
  2. Joe K. approaching Portland., & another Joe K. ...
  3. Portland, entrance of the harbor from poop-deck.
  4. Fort Gorges, dating back to the civil war, at Portland harbor entrance.
    Noted for being the place in which the doctor who treated John Wilkes Booth was inprisoned.
  5. Allenbrook visitor, Doug Stewart, on Albatross IV rear poop-deck.
  6. Portland State Peer, P. Kunkel, Vic Nordahl and John Z. on dock.

  7. Vic and John Galbraith had brought pair of doors and 2 nets from Woods Hole.
  8. Portland State Peer with Peter Kunkel along side Albatross IV.
  1. Terry with mackerel. and Another mackerel.
  2. Doors are up!
  3. Doug alone on quiet deck doing repairs.
  4. Doug repairing.
  5. Rick with Halibut.
  6. Halibut on scale.
  7. Black bird visits on deck.
10. Last station of the Fall Bottom Survey, Sta# 346!
Now, on to the restricted area to see if the restrictions have encouraged recovery.
A qualified YES! was heard from several quarters.
  1. Rick with cod.
  2. Rick cutting cod.
  3. Rick breaks cod cranium.
  4. Rick sticks cod otoliths in envelope.
  5. Rick weighs red hake.
  6. White hake waiting for cook.
  7. 2 AM Sat. Nov. 7, Station 1 shipshape for 9 hr steam to 'forbidden zone'.
  8. Invert key at station 1.
11. Back and forth over the restricted zone.
  1. Tony repairing the net while Cecile gives a word of encouragement.
  2. Repairing goes on.
  3. Nancy, who is that masked man repairing the net?

  4. Little did they know that it was mild mannered Doug.
  5. Cod curiously started migating to local baskets.
  6. Holly with a mother cod.
  7. Baskets of haddock.
  8. Rick filets a Witch flounder.
  9. 6-12 watch on deck, Sunday 6 AM.
12. Tow of the lobster. Two huge lobsters were caught and returned to the sea after measurement.
  1. Lobster at sea.
  2. Lobster with sea near but oh so far.
  3. Lobster at sea with Jason and Steve.
  4. Jason to Steve, "Its a girl!"
  5. Holly claims Lobster.
  6. Now Joe has the Lobster.
  7. Finally, Rick proudly displays the Lobster.

  8. after the lobster is released ...
  9. David says "Will we ever see her again?
13. The restricted area was found to be rich in cod, haddock and several other ground fish.
  1. Haddock tow, unsampled portion.
  2. Haddock tow, Rick processing.
  3. Haddock tow, Nina processing.
  4. Haddock tow, Orlando does flounder.
  5. Haddock tow, Steve processing.
  6. Haddock tow, 5 of 6 sampled baskets.
  7. Sculpin/ skate tow.
  8. The download station.
  1. Traditional picture of 12-6 watch, last tow of the cruise!
  2. Earl with Goosefish straight-on.
  3. Wet room tracking of tow locations.
  4. A junco visited us in the scientist's dry lab.
  5. 12-6 watch, parting dinner.
  6. Early Tuesday Morning passing Nobska Light.
  7. Channel fever at its peak!
  8. Docking at the WHOI peer?

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