Albatross IV AL99-10 Fall Bottom Survey Leg IV

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Pictures by Joe Kunkel
leg III & IV
Taking off from Woods Hole:
  1. The Bridge of Albatross IV
  2. Departing NMF dock.
  3. Two Tonys and Doug rigging gantry.
  4. Passing WHOI dock.
  5. Passing Water St.
  6. Passing Landfall Alley
  7. Passing Little Harbor
  8. Nina smokes to Nobska
  9. XO Steve Beckwith comments on lack of music.
  10. Odd Cod portent of bad weather.
  11. Ted shows Minnie skills.
  12. Hove to at P'town 1
  13. Hove to at P'town 2
  14. Hove to at P'town 3
  15. Hove to at P'town 4
  16. Hove to at P'town 5
  17. Hove to at P'town 6
  18. Minnie doing a CTD.
  19. John Galbraith with mustached skulpin.
  20. IV-3
  21. IV-4
  22. red fish tow.
  23. 12-6 watch don't picture this.
  24. 12-6 watch starting a sort.
  25. 6-12 watch scientists at lunch.
  26. Sunrise Sat. 11/6
  27. Lens junk 11/6
  28. Sunrise Sunday 11/7
  29. Sunrise Sunday 11/7
  30. Sunrise Sunday 11/7
  31. Sunrise Sunday 11/7
  32. Sunrise Sunday 11/7
  33. Sunrise Sunday 11/7

    Cleaned lens!
    * * *
    We lose a net and the decision is made to go to Portland to resupply.
  35. Crew and scientists rebuilding spare net.
  36. Crew and scientists rebuilding spare net.
  37. Kenny rebuilding.
  38. Kenny rebuilding.
  39. Work station zero shipshape for approaching Portland.
  40. Key to stomach contents posted at each work-station.
  41. The order's of the day posted at each work station.
  42. Minnie's choice on our long steam to Portland.
  43. Portland State Dock to starboard.
  44. Portlands new bridge to S. Portland with seal watching us go by.
  45. Chris and Bobby milling on deck as we approach the State Dock.
  46. Doug readies the line to throw to dock attendant.
  47. We approach the State Dock.
  48. Sun is setting as we sit at the State Dock.
  49. New net mid transfer from the dock to ship.
  50. Minnie watches as Doug guides new net reaching the deck.
  51. Liz and Ted at work station central.
  52. John and Minnie at work-station uno.
  53. Steve starts lobster sort, Nina records.
  54. A basket of large ones.
  55. Chris displays a large one.
  56. Series 8
  57. Safety first is very important at sea.
  58. Joe-K's work space.
  59. Jerome doing it good.
  60. John G. holds the group spellbound .
  61. Mt. Desert Isle.
  62. Mt. Desert Isle.
  63. Mt. Desert Isle.
  64. Mt. Desert Isle.
  65. Chris's secret place.
  66. Fire Drill (#3?).

Cod caught on AL 99-10 trawl is used in an experiment to follow lipovitellin serum titer kinetics in a single estradiol injected fish (50.5 cm).
  1. NMFS Aquarist Scott Van Sant holds cod while Joe Kunkel bleeds it from the tail vein.
  2. Same.
  3. Same.
  4. Same.
  5. Same.
  6. Same.
XII-23-1999 Trip to NMF
  1. NMFS Aquarium/ Gerda Kunkel nets cod.
  2. NMFS Aquarium/ Gerda with netted cod.
  3. NMFS Aquarium/ Gerda with cod on measuring board.
II-16-2000 Trip to NMF
  1. Lee nets cod.
  2. Lee nets cod.
  3. Lee nets cod.
  4. Joe with drawn cod blood..
  5. Cod blood in 1.5 ml tubes..
  6. On Nobska Beach.
  7. On Nobska Beach.
  8. On Nobska Beach.

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