Recording Ambient Stereo

using a SASS type mount of Radio Shack Stereo Clip-On Microphone


Here is a stereo rig that I designed to record ambient sound. It takes its shape from the Crown SASS microphone and is fabricated from plywood, Plexiglas, vinyl fabric, and the Radio shack stereo microphone (33-3028). I have tested the microphone with my SONY MiniDisc recorder (MZ-R-70), and my SONY camcorder (DCR-TRV340). Since the microphone is "Plug In Power" compatible it operates without external power on both devices, but it comes with a controller that has a battery for devices that do not supply "Plug In Power".

Recording of Vernal Pond (Wood Frogs?) recorded on the MZ-R70. (Fh3 mpeg compression). Is this a format that is available on most computers? It is one of the CoolEdit format choices. I transferred to 44 kHz stereo WAV format from the MD but even short samples are several mBytes. If there is interest in other formats I will upload them to this page.

Here is a recording made with my camcorder at a different part of the pond. I am on the shore of the pond with most of the action going on to the left.

Vernal Pond

Construction details


Top View

Front View

Hung from Bungee Cord

This seems to cut down on some low frequency noise coming through my tripod mount.

Self noise test of the microphone

Greg Kunkel