Contour Plotting of Ion Probe Data

Contour data is plotted using QuikGrid Ver.3.3 (formerly SURFACE) from John Coulthard.  Download his program and try using it to plot our sample ion probe data found in the Contour Plots menu.

The strength of QuikGrid is its ability to generate a surface contour map from data that are sparse.  That is, when one can not get, or can not use, an evenly spaced grid of data, this program will still provide you with a contour plot of your results.   Such situations present themselves often with ion probe data, particularly when one is probing an irregular surface or when one is probing arround a source but not at it and one is sampling at points that follow the contours of the source rather than at evenly spaced grid points.

Generating stereo views with QuikGrid directly, Fig 1, is possible by controling the angle of rotation and combining two such images adjacently in a stereo viewer (or by crossing your eyes).  
3-D View with rotation angle =50° 3-D View with rotation angle =55°

Also, one can export the data to other systems as XYZ triplets or in the DBX format which can be read by other commercial packages such as ER MAPPER and AUTOCAD which have built in stereo viewing options.