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General 3-D Plotting properties
Kinemage, the 3D-stereo plotting package: 
The Kinemage package is available for free by download over the internet to anyone interested in using it and can be used to plot any XYZ triplets as points or plotting objects in space or as connected line segments representing vectors in space.  We provide annotated template '.kin' files which have comments imbeded as instructions for use.  One can edit these pre-existing files as  flat-text files using your favorite text editor to insert your data into the locations suggested.  Make sure to save the file with a changed 'filename.kin' in order not to destroy the template. 
Fig 1.  Top 3 Principle Components of  Noctuid Wing Shape: 
A Stereo Image of 3-D Data
Advanced Charting Options 
The Methods for using Kinemage to view vectors and 3-D graphics are adaptations of the Kinemage intended use which was originally for molecular visualization, particularly in a  teaching the 
Control of the thickness and location of the visible slice of space is entirely in the hands of the kin writer as well as the kin viewer.