J-Scripts and Data:

The files in this directory are j-scripts and data developed by Joe Kunkel that use the software development environment J, written by Eric Iverson. The software is available at the WWW site, URL:

Analysis of Dispersion.  The files in the form multivar-yy-mm-dd.ijs are scripts that implement Analysis of Dispersion according to C.R. Rao (1965) Linear Statistical Inference and Its Applications, John Wiley.  This application includes the (1) generalized factorial design test of significance of k variables according to p design elements directly for independent factors or by subtraction for partially confounded factors, (2) the test of usefulness of covariates, (3) the test of additional information (i.e. generalized covariance correction on m traits given n traits). Sample data sets are included.   The latest version of multivar provides changes to make the programs compatible with J5.01b and allows running on the unix version under Mac OsX 1.2. This also provides plotting of bar graphs of factorial effects with limited labeling.

ODBC Database SQL access to a MS ACCESS database on lobsters. The file lobster-serum.zip contains the database and two J '.ijs' scripts which access the database and plot out maps of the sampling sites (al0006_plot_jgk.ijs) and correlations between eye-carapace and rostral-carapace lengths as well as weight vs length plots of females (size_plot_jgk.ijs).  You can view the j-scripts directly before downloading the entire zipped file.  This represents early experimentation with J's SQL and J-script manipulation of database ACCESS files by the author while at sea collecting data in the area plotted by the J scripts.

If you have any questions about these scripts please email: joe@bio.umass.edu.