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HOW TO DOWNLOAD A MATLAB SCRIPT OR DATA DOCUMENT: From a WWW browser with capture capabilities simply chose a highlit file for transfer, observe its text format and use your 'file-save' option to save the item to an appropriate local directory. ======================================================== send e-mail to with questions ======================================================== 9/27/96 jgk
Kunkel & Faszewski, 1995, Biol. Bull. 189: 197-198 Jan. 1996
A MATLAB script to analyse ion current data files measured (with the 3DVIS 3-Dimensiolal Non-invasive Ion-selective Electrode software package from a Periplaneta oocyte surrounded by proton current vectors. This data supplements the published Fig. 1 in (Kunkel & Faszewski, 1995). matlab data file a matlab data file b raw data file
Hartling, Pereira & Kunkel, 1997. J. exp. Zool. 278:156-166 MATLAB script
A MATLAB script for comparing and contrasting two gel permeation column profiles. This technique is useful in comparing chromatograms in general and two parallel processes in general. The two column profiles follow: Native Lipovitellin profile Jan. 1997
Heat Stable Lipovitellin profile Jan. 1997

Noni et al. 1999. MS submitted)
A MATLAB script to write flux vectors on a raster image represented here by file:
zipped pollen grain
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