Movie Files (MPEGs with associated WAV files) to Supplement J. G. Kunkel's work

Welcome to the JGK movie download area The files available here are available for personal use by individuals. No sale or modification for resale of these files is permitted. All files are copywritten by Joseph G. Kunkel and sale of these files in original or modified form is prohibited. Contact Joseph G. Kunkel for any permission to use these files in commercial or published form.
Files are date-stamped to show the date they were released.
HOW TO DOWNLOAD AN MPEG and WAV File: From a WWW browser with capture capabilities simply chose a highlit file for transfer, observe its text format and use your 'file-save' option to save the item to an appropriate local directory. ======================================================== send e-mail to with questions ======================================================== 9/27/96 jgk This set of files remains here for historic interest only. I prefer now to produce motion gifs when using motion in figures.
Kunkel's idea of a cockroach ovariole Jan. 1996
WAV file to accompany the above MPG Jan. 1996

The two above files zipped for transport Dec. 1995