The five directories PCprograms, kinfiles, matlab, movies &
MsDOC contain files which can be downloaded to the guest computer 
by entering those directories and selecting the appropriate file 
with your cursor control.  The selected file should be read
if a text file or downloaded to your computer if an executeable 
file.  You should be given a choice by your browser where to 
store the file being downloaded.

The PC programs are for Plannar Geometry of landmark data. Also
included is the most recent version of Mage software for displaying the
'.kin' files in the kinfile directory.

The kinfiles represent 3D ion flux data and 3D morphometric data
which can be viewed with a KineMage viewer freely downloadable for 
PC (here), Macintosh or Unix machines from FTP servers which
have links here and on my Non-invasive Ion-Probe page.  Enclosed 
kin files are compatible with each of those operating systems.
Some script commands such as @ballist are not implemented on early 
The MPEG movie(s) are readable by shareware viewers such as
VMPEG.  Since the movies are larger than 1-Mbyte, they may
not be viewable with shareware viewers with 1 Mb size limitations.
A '*.mpg' file may be accompanied by a '*.wav' file for those
installations that can use an audio file in conjunction with a
movie file.

The matlab directory contains data files and Matlab '.m' files
which can read and do calculations on the files directed by the
executeable commercial program MATLAB.  The purchase and use of
MATLAB is recommended for laboratories with mathematically
minded experimentalists. An index of files and dependencies is
included in the matlab directory.

The MsDoc directory will contain occasional documents for
sharing with colleagues and may remain empty for long periods.

Explore! Enjoy!
Joe Kunkel, 12/21/95
updated 11/08/97