Connecting a Computer to the Network in Morrill (Biological & Geological Sciences)

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Choose a single-word name to identify your computer on the network. The name must be unique among the other registered computers on the local network. Do not base the computer name on your own; some operating systems (OS X), unless told to do otherwise, will use a name derived from the username of the first account created, e.g. "Bob Robert's iMac". Popular themes for names have included fish (marlin, snapper, grouper) and geology (eclogite, charnockite, monazite), the choice is yours. Valid characters for names include letters, numbers, and hyphens; names cannot begin with hyphens. Names should not be longer than 15 characters.

Six pairs of hexadecimal digits, e.g. 00:a1:ce:56:9a:e4. (MS Windows separates hexadecimal pairs with hyphens instead of colons).

Where to find hardware addresses:

OS X: "System Preferences... | Network | Ethernet | Advanced... | Ethernet | Ethernet ID". Similar for wireless.

Windows: "Start | Run", enter "cmd", click "OK"; at C:\>, type in "ipconfig/all", press "Enter", look for lines containing "Physical Address" and "Wireless Address".

Hardware address of wireless card.

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