University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Biology, B.S., Chemistry minor. 1999-2003

Univ. Massachusetts Amherst. Organismic & Evolutionary Biology. Ph.D. conferred Feb. 2014


Female preference development – assessing the influences on the development of female preferences for male signals in birds using video and song tutoring, display and operant assays

The effects of developmental stress on song performance, song learning, and neural selectivity.
Collaboration with Dr. Luke Remage-Healey and Dr. Jeff Podos

Sexual selection and signal function in the Swamp Sparrow Melospiza georgiana

- The function of vocal performance in male-male competition assessed by playback

Color signals and vocal performance in the Swamp Sparrow.  Collaboration with Dr. David Lahti

- sexual dimorphism in plumage determined by surface area and spectral parameters 

Vocal performance and song learning in swamp sparrows.  Collaboration with Drs. Lahti & Podos


Allee Award for Best Student Paper, Animal Behavior Society, 2013 ($1,000)

Award for Best Teaching Assistant, OEB Program, 2012-2013, ($300)

Best Oral Presentation - Life Sciences Graduate Research Symposium, UMass 2011  ($100)

National Science Foundation, Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant (NSF-DDIG) 2010  ($12K)

OEB Fellowship 2010 - 2011  (stipend + tuition)

OEB Summer Research Grant 2010  ($1,000)

American Ornithologists’ Union Student Research Award 2009  ($2,500)

Sigma Xi Grant in Aid of Research 2009  ($500)

Cooper Ornithological Society Joseph Grinnell Student Award 2007  ($2,000)

OEB Program at UMass Student Travel Grant 2006 - 2013  ($400)

UNC Summer Research Abroad Fellowship. Senior thesis with R. Haven Wiley. 2002  ($3,500)


Moseley, D.L., D.C. Lahti, & J. Podos. 2013. Responses to song playback vary with the vocal performance of both signal senders and receivers. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. Vol. 280 (1768). DOI:10.1098/rspb.2013.1401 link to pdf

Moseley, D.L. & R.H. Wiley. 2013. Individual differences in the vocalizations the buff-throated woodcreeper (Xiphorhynchus guttatus), a suboscine bird of neotropical forests. Behaviour Vol. 150. 1107–1128.  DOI: 10.1163/1568539X-00003079 Moseley&Wiley2013.pdf

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In preparation

Moseley, D.L. Experience and male vocal performance influence the development of female preferences in swamp sparrows (Melospiza georgiana). (under internal review, to be submitted Jan. 2013).

Podos, J., D.L. Moseley, S.E. Goodwin, J. McClure, B. Taft, D.C. Lahti. Measuring vocal performance in songbirds: Frequency excursion. (to be submitted Jan. 2014)

Moseley, D.L., J. Podos, & L. Remage-Healey. Precision of neural vocal memories linked to
vocal learning ability.

Moseley, D.L. & J. Podos. Vocal performance is diminished by developmental stress and
increased with age.

Moseley, D.L. & D.C. Lahti. Color dimorphism and song vocal performance in swamp sparrows.


Field Methods in Animal Behavior. Hampshire College CS 179. Spring 2014 – Instructor

Animal Communication and Vocal Learning. Hampshire College CS 292. Fall 2013 – Instructor

Biology of Social Issues Honors. Biology 105H. Spring 2012 – Instructor

Amherst College Organismal. Biology 181. Spring 2011, 2013 – Lab Instructor

Quantitative Systems Biology Lab. Biology 197F. Spring 2010 – Lab Instructor

Animal Behavior. Biology 550. Fall 2007, Fall 2009 – Teaching Assistant

Evolution: Diversity of Life Through Time. Biology 280. Spring 2009 – Co-lecturer

Introductory Ecology. Biology 287. Fall 2006, Fall 2009 – Teaching Assistant

Biology 101 Laboratory. Spring 2006, Fall 2012 – Lab Instructor

Biology 100 Laboratory. Fall 2005, Fall 2011 – Lab Instructor


Student Representative: • Search committee for Darwin Postdoctoral Fellow 2008

• OEB graduate student president 2009-10 • Graduate Employee Organization – Steward. 2007-08

Outreach/Education: OEB outreach committee 2008-present.
• Visited local elementary schools in underprivileged areas to teach ecology and evolution.
• Science Cafe - bringing a scientific discussion to the community in a fun and informal setting.

• Mentored two local high school students for summer research on field and lab studies. 2009

Mentorship: • Graduate student mentor committee. 2006-2008, Organizer 2008

• Trained 50 undergraduates in bird care & lab activities for raising young sparrows. 2005-present

  1. Mentored visiting undergraduate in Professoriate’s Summer Program for Undergraduate Research (SPUR). Summer 2005

  2. Mentored ten undergraduate independent study students Biol. 396. Fall 2008 – Spring 2013

• Advisor of three independent study students presenting research at a poster symposium

• Advisor for Christine Rega’s undergraduate senior Capstone Thesis project. 2008-2010


“Vocal performance in birds: defending territories, learning songs, and learning preferences.” Departmental Seminar, School of Cognitive Sciences. Hampshire College. Fall 2013

“Sexual selection in the swamp sparrow: male-male competition and female preferences.” Ornithology. Guilford College. Spring 2013

"A new method to study female preference development in songbirds." Research in Avian Biology. Hampshire College. February 2013

"Female preferences are influenced by early experience and male vocal performance." Invited talk,
Evolution of Communication: A Symposium to honor Dr. R. Haven Wiley. ABS 2012

“Birdsongs: performance, function, and the development of preferences.” Biology Dept. Seminar, CCSU. Fall 2011

"Recent Advances in the Study of Birdsong." Ornithology. Guilford College. Spring 2011

“Foraging Strategies.” Bio550 Animal Behavior. UMass. Fall 2009

“Animal Communication.” and “Mating Strategies.” Bio550 Animal Behavior. UMass. Fall 2007

“New Techniques in the Study of Birds and Behavior.” Ornithology. Guilford College. 2006 & 2007

“Field Research Projects in Ornithology.” Bio544. Ornithology. UMass. Spring 2006 & 2012


Moseley, D.L. 2013. Vocal performance in birds: territorial defense and the development of male song and female preferences. Paper in Allee Competition. Animal Behavior Society. CO.

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Moseley, D.L. 2012. Female preferences are influenced by early experience and male vocal
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Moseley, D.L. and R.H. Wiley. 2004. Individuality in the Vocalizations of the Buff-Throated Woodcreeper. Paper. American Ornithologists' Union Meeting. Quebec City, CAN.


• American Ornithologists’ Union – Reviewer for Auk                     • Wilson Ornithological Society

• Animal Behavior Society – Reviewer for Animal Behaviour          • Soc. Integrative & Comp. Bio.

• Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology – Reviewer                        • Sigma Xi

• Behavioral Ecology – Reviewer


Jeff Podos (graduate advisor), Biology Dept. University of Massachusetts, Amherst
office: 413-545-0847

David C. Lahti, Biology Dept. City University of New York, Queens College
office: 718-997-3422 lab: 718-997-3519

Luke Remage-Healey, Psychology Dept. University of Massachusetts, Amherst
office: 413-545-0772

R. Haven Wiley (undergraduate advisor, collaborator), Biology Dept. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. office: 919-962-1340

Dana Lynn Moseley

221 Morrill Science Center

University of Massachusetts Amherst

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