The main way we present our work is through publication or presentations at meetings, both of which are typically accessed only by specialists. Sometimes, however, we have the privilege of discussing our work, and of sharing our excitement about science, in more public venues. This can happen over the phone, by email, via blogs, in schools, in museums, in libraries, in cafes, you name it. This is one of the most exciting aspects of our job. Here is a list of some of our recent outreach efforts, including links to news articles that review our research, or in which we have offered commentary.

• The September UMass "Life Science Café" featured our very own Amy Strauss, who was interviewed by our very own Katie Schroeder! The event took place at the Nacul Center, and included about 50 members of the local community in attendance. Amy and Katie chatted on the topic of "Sexy Signals: The Biology of Birdsong" (Sept 2019).

• Dusty Christensen of the Daily Hampshire Gazette wrote an excellent article about an upcoming collabortion between Jeff and his long-time pal and Ornithologist Extraordinairre Mario Cohn-Haft.  You can see the article here. (April 2018)

• Jeff once again presented a Science Cafe event, in Portuguese, at UNIFESO (Fundaçao Educacional Serra dos Órgãos) in Teresópolis, Brasil. The seminar again focused on Galapagos finches, but this time the presentation was more research-oriented, covering some of the main findings from Jeff and his team.  Here is the customary post-event photo, plus an article from UNIFESO's website  And here is the coffee mug presented to Jeff by Professor Alfredo Cardoso.  Professor Alfredo is the head of the UNIFESO Biology program, and runs the Science Cafe series and other excellent outreach programs, such as the one he discusses here  (Aug 2017).

• Jeff talked about evolution, finches, and the Galapagos Islands in a Science Cafe event at the Fundaçao Educacional Serra dos Órgãos in Teresópolis, Brasil. Here is a photo from the event (Aug 2015).

• Jeff provided commentary for a Science Magazine online news article, regarding a recent study by Sarah Knutie and colleagues from U. Utah on fly parasites, insecticides, and Darwin's finches. (April 2014).

• Dave Hof led the latest Science Cafe event, on the topic "Mortal Combat: Bird Song and Territory Defense". He featured his own studies on the second and third most interesting American songbird radiations, chickadees and warblers (Feb 2014).

• Jeff attended and gave the keynote talk at the 2013 meeting of NEBATYC, the New England Biology Association for Two-Year Colleges. The meeting provided a fun and informal opportunity to discuss and share teaching strategies and activities with other biology faculty from nearby colleges (May 2013).

• Psychology faculty & collaborator Luke Remage-Healey, UMass graduate student Aaron Stewart, and Jeff led a discussion with artist Céleste Boursier-Mougenot about his installation "From Here to Ear", in which the worlds of zebra finches and electric guitars collide. The discussion was held at the UMass Museum of Contemporary Art, and was preceded by a screening of Ariane Michel's short film about Céleste's work, "Les oiseaux de Céleste" (Oct 2012).

• Some of Nature's deepest secrets were revealed at the latest OEB Science Cafe event, "Forbidden Love: Crickets in the Hybrid Zone" (Oct 2012).

• The September OEB Science Cafe event, "How to Build an Organism: a DIY guide", unfolded before a live audience along a fascinating developmental/ evolutionary trajectory (Sept 2012).

Science Cafe now has it's own website! Kudos to Sarah Goodwin for making this so (Aug 2012).

• The third installment of the OEB Science Cafe, entitled "Antibiotics: Resistance is Futile", proves to be irresistable. Lab members Dana Moseley and Sarah Goodwin contribute an impressive vocal performance, as 'Bacteriette' backups to singer Mike Rosario's lead (Feb 2012).

• Sarah Goodwin, Dana Moseley, and other OEB students run a successful 2nd installment of the Science Cafe, entitled "The Big Chill: Surviving the Winter". Check out some quotes from Sarah in an article on the Science Cafe in the Springfield Republican (Dec 2011).

• Jeff Podos responds to a post on Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics, the blog brainchild of lab Alum Andrew Hendry. In his response Jeff riffs off a post by Ben Haller on ecological speciation and its various manifestations (Magic traits, muggle traits, and squib traits) (Nov 2011).

• Sarah Goodwin, Dana Moseley, and other OEB students run a successful inaugural installment of the Science Cafe, entitled "Out of the Dark: Demystifying Bats" (Oct 2011).

• Jeff Podos delivers opening lectures for two runs of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds", at the Amherst Cinema. This program was shown in the Amherst Cinema's Science on Screen Series, which matches local scientists with films within their areas of expertise, broadly defined. Check out an article on the Science on Screen Series in the Amherst Bulletin, and a review of the event in the Daily Collegian (Sept 2011).










Toco toucan on Palm tree, Pirenopolis, Brazil: