Alumni Lab Members

Osnat Gillor

Position: Assistant Professor, Ben Gurion University

Carla Goldstone

Position: Adjunct Professor, Gateway Community College

Anna Hessler

Position: Undergraduate Assistant, STEM Ambassadors Program

Lab Member Since: 2014

Anna is an undergraduate Microbiology major at UMass Amherst with an interest in science education and public health. Anna began working with the Massachusetts Academy of Sciences in 2012 and is now an undergraduate assistant in the STEM Ambassadors Program. Anna also works with freshman STEM majors at the university as a Peer Mentor for the Foundations of Science Residential Academic Program in order to increase the retention rates of STEM students in college.

Ben Kirkup

Position: Postdoctoral Associate. MIT

Luiza Korobkova

Position: Prep person

Richard Lawler

Position: Associate Professor, Boston University

Kelsie Mitchell

Position: Undergraduate researcher

Theodora Pinou

Position: Associate Professor, Western Connecticut State University

Ying Tan

Position: Assistant Professor at the University of Massachusetts Boston

Cynthia Winkworth

Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Otago, New Zealand

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