Peg Riley Wants a New Drug

For more than half a century, humans have been using antibiotics to kill bacteria. The bad news, says biology professor Peg Riley, is that we were too good at it.

UMass Amherst Commencement to Honor Exceptional Student Leadership and Achievement

(Undergraduate researcher Christopher Roy has been named a 21st Century Leader; check out the article below)

Bacteriotix takes $30,000 First in Innovation Challenge

Bacteriotix, a five-member team of students and alumni that is pioneering narrow spectrum antimicrobial agents to treat difficult bacterial infections, won first place and $30,000 in the Innovation Ch

Bug Zappers - The best futuristic ideas for killing drug-resistant bacteria (Slate Article)

In May, runaway groom Andrew Speaker gave the public a crash course in drug-resistant tuberculosis. It turned out that Speaker wasn't infected with the worst form of TB after all.

Five teams cash in on first round of Innovation Challenge

Article about Bacteriotix, a newly started company composed of members affiliated with Riley lab. Extracted from "UMass In the Loop."

'Rock-paper-scissors' preserves biodiversity in bacterial neighborhoods

The hand game of "rock-paper-scissors" is perpetual one-upmanship: rock crushes scissors, scissors cut paper and paper covers rock.

Alumnus of the Month- August 2010

When Margaret (Sprague) Riley, Class of 1977 and honored member of the Walpole High School Hall of Fame, entered the pre-med program at Umass Amherst, little did she know it marked the beginning of a

Biologist Identifies New Drug Treatments While Promoting the Importance of Science

Peg Riley was once enrolled in the pre-med program at UMass Amherst, but she decided working with sick people wasn’t for her.

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