About the Lab

Welcome to the Riley Laboratory

Our team tackles a wide range of science research, education and outreach projects:

Research - The main thrust of our research is in the area of microbial evolution. We are currently wrapping up a large study of naturally occurring antibiotic resistance that suggests there is a large reservoir of resistance genes lurking behind the scenes in wild populations of bacteria. We are now engaged in the translation of these basic research findings into human health applications. To that end, we have created a small biopharmaceutical company (Bacteriotix) whose mission is to design and develop novel antimicrobials that avoid the challenge of antibiotic resistance.

Education โ€“ Dr. Riley teaches several formal courses, including Quantitative Systems โ€“ a math intensive version of introductory biology, and the upper level course - Principles of Molecular Evolution. She also offers an intensive intern experience in the area of science outreach, in which students learn how to engage and inspire people about science and hosts the Dakin Animal Shelter intern experience.

Outreach โ€“ Dr. Riley is the founder and president of the Massachusetts Academy of Sciences, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to raising the level of civic science literacy in the state. This organization engages in a wide range of science outreach activities, including hosting an annual meeting, visiting school rooms across the state and engaging in science education reform efforts.

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