We are a small biotech company whose goal is to develop novel therapeutics to fight bacterial infections using targeted antimicrobials. Our scientists have core expertise in the identification and in vitro and in vivo characterization of narrow‐spectrum antibacterials known as bacteriocins. These proteins can be used to target specific human, animal and agricultural pathogens and their use results in significantly reduced rates of resistance evolution.

The current paradigm of infection treatment involves using broad-spectrum antibiotics to treat bacterial infections. Bacteriotix offers an alternative approach by utilizing narrow-spectrum bacteriocins that target specific causative agents of infection. Our targeted approach avoids disrupting the natural flora present in the infected area and consequently reduces selective pressure, ultimately decreasing the rate of antibacterial resistance evolution.

Our current goal is to develop narrow-spectrum antibiotics for the treatment of urinary tract, burn wound, and cystic fibrosis lung infections. By reducing the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics for common infections, we will enable a greater efficacy when broad-spectrum antibiotic use is necessary.

Bacteriotix seeks to treat bacterial infections with a targeted approach; kill the pathogen and leave the natural flora.

For additional information please contact:

Danielle Federa

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