STEM Ambassador's Program

The goal of the UMass STEM Ambassadors Program Ambassadors is to increase levels of retention and graduation of STEM students and increase the number of students who enroll in graduate studies or pursue careers in STEM fields. The program aims to provide undergraduates involved a supportive academic and social community rich in a culture of research and inquiry.  Students are invited to join the program their first semester freshman year and join other freshman who share a passion for all things STEM. Ambassadors enroll in a 2.0 credit course that involves two meetings each week.  One meeting is with a team of 2 STEM graduate students to learn about life in the laboratory and engage in research projects and the second is with an advanced undergraduate to share their enthusiasm about STEM as they mentor middle school students in the Holyoke school district. Throughout the program, STEM Ambassadors will also engage in diverse offerings of workshops given in conjunction with campus partners (i.e. LRC, CMASS).  Through these offerings, Ambassadors will strengthen the skills needed to succeed in STEM coursework (and beyond) while building early connections with UMass Amherst student support services.

This program was initially funded through the University of Massachusetts President’s Enhancement Funding Program through June 2017. It is currently funded by a 3-year grant through the National Science Foundation (NSF).

For more information about the program please visit or email the program’s director, Carolyn Gardner-Thomas at

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