Dr. Riley is deeply committed to providing service to the scientific community. She founded the Massachusetts Academy of Sciences, and serves as its first President. She co-founded the Institute for Drug Resistance, and serves as its co-director. Below is a list of her most recent additional service activities:

Current Engagements:
Panel member, National Institutes of Health, Genetic Variation and Evolution Panel (2009 – present)
Member, Department of Energy, Biological and Environmental Research Advisory Council (2005 – present)
Member, National Academy of Sciences, Koshland Science Museum, Life Science Gallery Scientific Steering Committee (2009 – present)
Chair, American Academy of Microbiology, Colloquium on Drug Resistance (2010 – present)
Associate editor, Journal of Molecular Evolution (2005 – present)
Associate editor, Journal of Microbial & Biochemical Technology (2010 – present)
Co-Founder and Co-Director, Institute for Drug Resistance (2009 – present)
Founder and President, Massachusetts Academy of Sciences (2008 – present)
Co-Founder and CSO, Origin Antimicrobials, LLC (2005 – present)
Scientific Advisor, Bacteriotix (2010 – present)
Member, Roundtable on the Public Interfaces of the Life Sciences, Board on Life Sciences (2013 - present)

Recent Prior Engagements (since 2004):
Panel Member, Simmons College Entrepreneurship Panel
Expert Witness, Pfizer v. Sandoz Trial
Chair, Gordon Conference on Microbial Population Biology and Evolution
Director, Organismic and Evolutionary Biology Graduate Program
Director, Massachusetts Museum of Natural History
Steering Committee, National Academy of Sciences Workshop: New Directions in the Study of Antimicrobial Therapeutics
Chair, American Academy of Microbiology, Colloquium on Large Scale Sequencing
Chair, DOE/BERAC Committee on Long-term Vision, Subcommittee on
Energy Sustainability
Associate Editor, Genetica, Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, Evolution,
Experimental Zoology, Microbiology
Chair, NIH Special Emphasis Panel on E. coli Database Management System
Reviewer, National Science Foundation, Postdoctoral Fellowship Panel
Reviewer, National Institutes of Health, Postdoctoral Fellowship Panel
Reviewer, National Institutes of Health, Special Emphasis Panel on Evolution
Reviewer, National Science Foundation Population Biology panel
Reviewer, Joint Genome Institute Site Visit
Reviewer, DOE Genomics Panel
Reviewer, NSF Population Biology panel
Reviewer, NIH GVE ad hoc member
Reviewer, NSF, NESCent site visit
Reviewer, NIH Genetic Variation and Evolution Panel

Recent Invited Seminars (since 2004):
Marine Biological Laboratories, seminar
Harvard University, seminar
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, seminar
Bowdoin College, Howard Hughes lecture
Tennessee State College, seminar
University of Massachusetts Medical School, seminar
US ARMY Research Laboratory, Natick, seminar
National Institutes of Health, Evolution of Infectious Disease Conference
Gordon Research Conference, Microbial Population Biology and Evolution Conference
Department of Energy, Genomes to Life Conference
National Academy of Sciences: New Directions in The Study of Antimicrobial Therapeutics Workshop
Mitre Corporation, The Challenge of Antibiotic Resistance Conference
Joint Genome Institute, JGI Annual Conference
Institute for Drug Resistance, Drug Resistance Conference
Keystone Symposium, Microbial Communities as Drivers of Ecosystem Complexity Conference
LabLinks Symposium, Gut Microbiota and Immune Regulation Conference
Massachusetts STEM Summit Breakout Sessions: Higher Ed I: Promoting Faculty Outreach - Raising Student Interest/Achievement in STEM Majors/Careers and Higher Ed II: Securing the Pipeline - Increased Retention/Graduation Rates & Enhanced Educator Effectiveness
Organizer, Massachusetts Academy of Sciences, Project Engage Launch Event
Participant, MIT STEM Summit: STEM: What Works, What’s Broken, How Do We Fix It?
Science Shaping Our World: Resistance is Futile
Science Shaping Our World II: Drug Resistance and the Advent of Intelligent
Drug Design
3rd Annual UMass Center for Clinical and Translational Research Retreat, Avoiding Drug Resistance
Organizer, Students Improving STEM Education (SISE) Catalyst Team Meeting
Organizer, Project ENGAGE! Presentation to Quaboag Middle School
Students and Parents, Quaboag, MA
Organizer, Project ENGAGE! Presentation to Quaboag Regional School
District School Committee, Quaboag, MA
Science Shaping our World: Drug Resistance and the Advent of Intelligent Drug Design, part II
Keynote Address, Resistance is Futile, Antimicrobial Proteins Conference, Lille France
Keynote Address, Designing next generation drugs, How Bugs Kill Bugs: Progress and Challenges in Bacteriocin Research, Nottingham, England
Chairman, American Academy of Microbiology, Putting Resistance into Drug Design Colloquium
Division of Environmental and Life Sciences, National Academy of Sciences, Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Microbial Communities
Smithsonian Symposium on Genomic Phylogenetics, Genomics, Phylogenies and the Microbial Species Concept

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