Title Authors Publication Datesort icon
An Analysis of Masticatory Form and Function in... MA Riley 1985
Sequence of the Structural Gene for Xanthine... Tim P. Keith, MA Riley, Martin Kreitman, R. C.... 1987
Distinguishing the Forces Controlling Genetic... MA Riley, Mary Ellen Hallas and R. C. Lewontin 1989
Nucleotide Sequence of the Xdh Region in... MA Riley 1989
Nucleotide Polymorphism at the Xanthine... MA Riley, Susanne R. Kaplan, and Michel Veuille 1992
A theoretical and experimental analysis of... David M. Gordon and MA Riley 1992
A survey of Col plasmids in natural isolates of... MA Riley and David M. Gordon 1992
Ubiquitins Revisited: Further Examples of Within... Ying Tan, Stephen T. Bishoff, and MA Riley 1993
Positive Selection for Colicin Diversity in... MA Riley 1993
Molecular Mechanisms of Colicin Evolution MA Riley 1993

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