Title Authors Publication Datesort icon
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The emergence of a highly transmissible lineage... Sun L, Jiang RZ, Steinbach S, Holmes A,... 1995
Low synonymous site variation at the lacY locus... Wagner RR, Riley MA 1996
Homology among nearly all plasmids infecting... Zawadzki P, Riley MA, Cohan FM 1996
The ecology and evolution of bacteriocins MA Riley and DM Gordon 1996
Asymmetries generated by transcription-coupled... Francino MP, Chao L, Riley MA, Ochman H. 1996
Rapid invasion by colicinogenic Escherichia coli... Tan Y, Riley MA. 1996
Nucleotide polymorphism in colicin E2 gene... Tan Y, Riley MA. 1997
Positive selection and recombination: major... Ying Tan and Riley MA 1997
Rhizobium gone native: unexpected plasmid... Wernegreen JJ, Harding EE, Riley MA. 1997

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