The Biology Department serves more than a thousand undergraduate majors and minors, and provides courses for students of all majors. Explore the links below for more information.


Find out how to arrange a meeting with a Biology Department advisor.

Major requirements

A description of the courses required to complete the Biology major.

Major requirements checklist (PDF)

A one-page summary of the major requirements

Recommended course sequences.

Course guides with suggested plans for completing a Biology major.

Courses Approved as Major Electives.

A list of courses that count as electives to fill Biology major requirements.

Declaring a Biology major.

Ready to become a Biology major? Here's how.

Integrative Experience

All students must complete an Integrative Experience requirement in their major, as part of the University's general education program.

Minor requirements

A description of the courses required to complete the Biology minor.

Departmental honors

Biology honors students may choose to complete departmental honors.

Study Abroad

Biology majors may choose to spend a semester or two in international or domestic exchange.

Biology course catalog

Descriptions of all Biology courses.

Learning goals

The Biology Department has established learning goals for its majors.

Research opportunities

We offer a range of opportunities for undergraduate participation in faculty research.

Awards and Scholarships

Each year, the Biology Department honors a few undergraduates with small scholarship awards.

Residential programs

The Biology Department sponsors two residential programs for first-year students.

Biology Undergraduate Handbook (PDF)

Biology Computer Resource Center

The BCRC supports the computing needs of Biology students and faculty.

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