Biology Computer Resource Center

372 Morrill Science Center

The BCRC is a Computing Facility in the Department of Biology (372 Morrill Science Center, Building IV South). Macintosh computers are available for use by Life Sciences students and faculty. If you have questions, please send email to or call 545-3631.

During the academic year, the BCRC is staffed by student consultants Monday through Friday from 8am - 9pm. Summer and intersession hours are unofficial, but the facility is usually open anyway. The Director, Steven D. Brewer, collaborates with faculty and students to develop resources and course websites. Don't hesitate to contact us if you're looking for technical support in using instructional technology!

The BCRC offers resources and documentation to help you get stuff done.

We build Course Accounts each year starting in August -- just set a password to start using it. If we haven't already built an account for your life science class yet, ask if we can build one for the course you are taking.

As of May, the BCRC construction is moving forward rapidly. You can see trenching in the floor where they're creating space for floor jacks for power and networking.

It's not much to look at now, but in August 2014, this space will have been transformed into the new BCRC. Demolition of the old space is currently underway and a new BCRC is being built in Morrill III.

As you wrap up classes and take exams, don't forget to say goodbye to our old space: It's been our home for 20 years.

Good luck with final exams and best wishes for safe and productive summer!