Adolescent alcohol binge drinking, prefrontal cortex, and myelin

Project Description : 

The Richardson laboratory studies the neurobiology of stress and addiction, specifically the acute and chronic behavioral and neurobiological effects of adolescent binge drinking. Changes in the prefrontal cortex and in white matter volume have been linked to alcohol binge drinking and addiction. This project focuses on studying the relationship and effect of adolescent binge drinking on the PFC and on myelin.

We seek an undergraduate assistant who will conduct analyses in neural tissue. He/she will learn (and may assist with) handling animals, conducting operant behavior tests, and cleaning testing equipment when needed. The level of instruction and responsibility will depend on the student’s interest and activity with the project.

Qualifications of student: No prior research experience required, but must be punctual, reliable, responsible, and eager to learn. Bigger chunks of time available for lab are preferred, in addition to morning (~8AM), evening (~8PM), and/or weekend availability on some days.

Unpaid position can be for research assistant credit and may lead to future independent study credit.

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The Neurobiology of Stress and Addiction Lab

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Wanette Vargas

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