Anti-parasitic effects of plant compounds in bumblebee diets

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Bumblebees are important pollinators of both agricultural and wild plants, but populations of some North American species are declining, in part due to parasites. I am looking for a student to assist with experiments examining the effects of bumblebee diets on the severity of parasitic infections. Many human medicines are derived from plants. I study the different chemicals that bees consume in nectar and pollen to determine the antimicrobial properties of individual compounds and mixtures. Tasks will include weighing, feeding, and inoculating experimental bees; maintenance of laboratory colonies; and bee dissection for assessment of parasite loads.

Our lab researches the ecology of plants, pollinators, herbivores, and their parasites. Involvement with this project could lead to independent study on plant- and insect-related topics.

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Adler lab

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Evan Palmer-Young

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