Comparative genomics and physiology of soil bacteria

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Microbes - the invisible majority - are essential to the cycling of nutrients and carbon in soil. However, compared to model organisms such as E. coli and B. subtilis, much less is known about how the genome and functional repertoire are mapped in other soil bacteria.

The DeAngelis lab is looking for two independent study students to assist in characterizing novel soil bacteria. Students will either prepare media, measure enzyme activities, and record the kinds of substrates used by the bacteria for growth, or examine genomes for traits facilitating adaptation to the soil environment. The work of exceptional students has the potential to expand into an honors thesis and culminate in co-authorship on a paper.

Students interested in labwork must have completed MICRO312, and preferably at least one other upper level laboratory class (microbiology or other). Students interested in genomic analysis must have some coursework in biochemistry and/or microbial physiology; experience with a programming language (ex. R, python) would be preferred. Students should be mature, self-driven, organized, show attention to detail, and have good verbal and written communication skills. Students must also be able to commit to at least two three-hour blocks a week in lab, and an additional three hours outside the lab to be spent reading and planning alone.

Please include a copy of your class schedule for the semester, a copy of your transcript, and a few sentences explaining your interest in one (say which!) of the positions with your application.

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DeAngelis Lab

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