Computational genetics: Interface for evolutionary genetics software

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Sometimes species or subspecies with adjacent geographic ranges will hybridize where their ranges meet. These regions are called hybrid zones. With genetic information from those areas, evolutionary biologists can learn a lot about gene flow between those species, and even measure natural selection on traits that differ between the species. Crunching the genetic data involves some sophisticated statistical methods. I've already developed command-line software to do these analyses in a Mac OSX environment -- the website is I'd like someone with experience in programming Java who can make a simple cross-platform interface.
I'm looking for a person, or a team of two, with interests in any of the following areas: computer science, bioinformatics, statistics, evolutionary biology or genetics.
Qualifications: experience making simple apps in Java or a similar language. You can learn the science as you go.
Prefer juniors, and will consider sophomores and seniors depending on qualifications.

Attend weekly lab meetings,
Read, analyze and discuss scientific articles relevant to the research project,
Attend weekly meetings to discuss progress & sort out problems.

Hrs/wk: 6-10.

Opportunities to continue in computational biology research next year, if this semester works out well.

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Porter Lab

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Adam Porter

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