Molecular Genetics Laboratory Seeking Highly Organized Student

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The Markstein laboratory studies molecular mechanisms underlying stem cell chemical interactions, in both normal and cancer stem cells. Our work integrates genetic and chemical approaches to study basic stem cell biology, cancer biology, and toxicology, using the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster as a model organism.

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We have a position available for an undergraduate student (preferably at the sophomore level) who can commit 10 hours a week to working in the laboratory. Your efforts in the first semester will be divided between “genetics bootcamp” where you will make a recombinant chromosome containing two or more transgenes to aid in the study of drug resistance in stem cells, weekly laboratory and journal club meetings, and a lab job that requires strong organizational skills and attention to detail.

Please include a cover letter with your application that explains: (1) your interest in science, (2) any previous work experience that shows you have strong organizational skills, (3) your availability to be in the lab 10 hours a week, (4) how many semesters you have remaining at UMass, and (5) anything else that will help us understand why you are the right fit for this position.

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The Markstein Lab

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Jon DiRusso

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