Zebrafish Husbandry and Transgenics LInes

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The Karlstrom Lab investigates the formation and growth of the ventral forebrain and pituitary gland in the zebrafish. We have created several transgenic lines that allow us to study how cell-cell signaling systems control pituitary and forebrain formation in the embryo. We are now investigating how these same signaling systems control stem cell proliferation to regulate tissue growth and cell renewal in larvae and adults. This entry-level undergraduate project is to work with our fish facility manager to maintain these important zebrafish lines. This will involve learning zebrafish husbandry and breeding techniques, and the molecular and microscopy skills needed to identify fish that carry transgenes.

Work will include:
• Fish husbandry – feeding (including some weekend duty), setting up fish for spawning, collecting eggs.
• Microscopy –identifying fluorescent transgenic fish and learning stages of embryogenesis
• Molecular techniques - DNA extraction, PCR, and gel electrophoresis

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Karlstrom Lab

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Rolf Karlstrom

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