Bird Nest Dissections - Sorting Building Materials and IDing Ectoparasites

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Research in the Warren lab focuses on the impacts of urbanization on wildlife. Suburban development changes habitat structure, influences resource availability, and affects wildlife behavior.

We are looking for research assistants to contribute to a project on food availability for nesting songbirds in suburban and rural forest habitats. Duties for the potential assistant would include dissecting Wood Thrush and Gray Catbird nests collected during 2016-2017 to identify and sort the materials used to build the nest. In addition, they will be finding, sorting, identifying, and preserving invertebrate ectoparasites that occupy the nest for a nest parasite study.

This position requires a person who is: interested in getting lab work experience, highly reliable, able to work independently, detail oriented, strong on critical thinking skills. There is a possibility to stay on in the lab during the next semester.

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The Warren Lab

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Kit Straley, graduate student

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